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Docker Image for RTMP streams using Nginx

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Docker image for an RTMP/HLS server running on nginx

NGINX Version 1.13.9 nginx-rtmp-module Version 1.2.1


This image exposes port 1935 for RTMP Steams and has 2 default channels open "live" and "testing".

live (or your first stream name) is also accessable via HLS on port 8080

It also exposes 8080 so you can access http://:8080/stat to see the streaming statistics.

The configuration file is in /opt/nginx/conf/


To run the container and bind the port 1935 to the host machine; run the following:

docker run -p 1935:1935 -p 8080:8080 jasonrivers/nginx-rtmp

Multiple Streams:

You can enable multiple streams on the container by setting RTMPSTREAMNAMES when launching, This is a comma seperated list of names, E.G.

docker run      \
    -p 1935:1935        \
    -p 8080:8080        \
    -e RTMP_STREAM_NAMES=live,teststream1,teststream2   \

Pushing streams

You can ush your main stream out to other RTMP servers, Currently this is limited to only the first stream in RTMPSTREAMNAMES (default is live) by setting RTMPPUSHURLS when launching, This is a comma seperated list of URLS, EG:

docker run      \
    -p 1935:1935        \
    -p 8080:8080        \
    -e RTMP_PUSH_URLS=rtmp://,rtmp://

OBS Configuration

Under broadcast settigns, set the follwing parameters:

Streaming Service: Custom
Server: rtmp:///live
Play Path/Stream Key: mystream

Watching the steam

In your favorite RTMP video player connect to the stream using the URL: rtmp://<your server ip>/live/mystream http://<your server ip>/hls/mystream.m3u8

Tested players

  • VLC
  • omxplayer (Raspberry Pi)

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