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A single-page website aiming to provide innovative and intuitive visualizations of common and AI algorithms.

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This project is developed with React to help people to view algorithmic processes intuitively and entertainingly.
You may visit the page at with Chrome (use full screen view to achieve better experience).

Algorithms Included

  • Pathfinding Category
    • BFS
    • Dijkstra
    • A* Search
    • DFS
  • Sorting Category
    • Bubble Sort
    • Insertion Sort
    • Selection Sort
    • Merge Sort
    • Quick Sort
  • AI Category
    • Simple Perceptron
    • Approximate Q Learning
    • Minimax(Alpha–beta pruning)
    • General Q Learning(in progress)
    • Bayes Network(in progress)
    • Neural Network(in progress)

How To Use

Open the website in Chrome and follow the instructions to start visualizing algorithms!

How To Contribute

You may find me through email with any comments or ideas and fork this project!

Future Expectations

  • Implement and complete descriptions & tutorials of different algorithms
  • Customizable learning parameters and model architectures
  • Allowing submissions of codes/models
  • User rankings by their models' performances
  • ...


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