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nice colour palettes as JSON

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A JSON of the top color palettes on, as RGB hex strings.

Last updated Oct 14 2018



var colors = require('nice-color-palettes');

console.log(colors.length); // => 100

console.log(colors[0]); // => [ "#69d2e7", "#a7dbd8", "#e0e4cc", "#f38630", "#fa6900" ]


Install with npm as a local dependency (for API) or global (for CLI).

npm install nice-color-palettes [-g|--save]

API Usage

The main entry point exports a nested JSON array with 100 color palettes. Each palette is an array of 5 RGB hex strings.

This also exposes two other sizes for convenience, 200 and 500:

// top 100 palettes

// top 200 palettes require('nice-color-palettes/200');

// top 500 palettes require('nice-color-palettes/500');

// top 1000 palettes require('nice-color-palettes/1000');

Note: Duplicate palettes and palettes with less than 5 colors are filtered out for the sake of consistency, so you may end up with a slightly different number in the JSON, like 495 palettes instead of 500.

CLI Usage

This also includes a CLI for fetching palettes, writing the JSON to stdout.

nice-color-palettes [count] [opts]

Options: count number of palettes (default 100) --pretty pretty-print the JSON

Examples: nice-color-palettes 300 --pretty > top-300.json nice-color-palettes > top-100.json


MIT, see for details.

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