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JavaScript for Automation(JXA) packages for TypeScript/Node.js.

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JavaScript for Automation(JXA) packages.

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If you want to improve your editor for JXA, use @jxa/global-type. You can just import

and you can introduce typing and auto complete for JXA.

:memo: Your editor should support TypeScript. For more details, see TypeScript Editor Support

// Your .ts file require @jxa/global-type
import "@jxa/global-type";

// your JXA application const userName = Application("System Events").currentUser().name();

If you want to run JXA from Node.js, use @jxa/run.

import "@jxa/global-type";
import { run } from "@jxa/run";
export const currentUserName = () => {
    // This callback function is run as JXA
    return run(() => {
        const sys = Application("System Events");
        return sys.currentUser().name();

// Main code is Node.js export const example = async () => { const userName = await currentUserName(); return User: ${userName}; };

For more details, see example/.


Issue and PR is always welcome!

For more details, see CONTRIBUTING guide.

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