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Implementation of 'X-Linear Attention Networks for Image Captioning' [CVPR 2020]

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This repository is for X-Linear Attention Networks for Image Captioning (CVPR 2020). The original paper can be found here.

Please cite with the following BibTeX:

  title={X-Linear Attention Networks for Image Captioning},
  author={Pan, Yingwei and Yao, Ting and Li, Yehao and Mei, Tao},
  booktitle={Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition},


Data preparation

  1. Download the bottom up features and convert them to npz files

    python2 tools/ --infeats bottom_up_tsv --outfolder ./mscoco/feature/up_down_10_100
  2. Download the annotations into the mscoco folder. More details about data preparation can be referred to self-critical.pytorch

  3. Download coco-caption and setup the path of _C.INFERENCE.COCOPATH in lib/

  4. The pretrained models and results can be downloaded here.

  5. The pretrained SENet-154 model can be downloaded here.


Train X-LAN model

bash experiments/xlan/

Train X-LAN model using self critical

Copy the pretrained model into experiments/xlanrl/snapshot and run the script ``` bash experiments/xlanrl/ ```

Train X-LAN transformer model

bash experiments/xtransformer/

Train X-LAN transformer model using self critical

Copy the pretrained model into experiments/xtransformerrl/snapshot and run the script ``` bash experiments/xtransformerrl/ ```


CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES=0 python3 --folder experiments/model_folder --resume model_epoch


Thanks the contribution of self-critical.pytorch and awesome PyTorch team.

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