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The famous ThreeJs library with integrated examples as es6 modules

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Deprecation note:

I am glad to annonce since Three release his examples files under JSM folder, this repository should be avoided. The first goal of this repository was to provided an alternative solution during this migration. From now, please consider to use Three.module.js instead even if i maintain this repository for my personal usage. Thanks for all ! Itee...

The version 28.0.2 is now available under Three r0.113.2

Extended Three JavaScript 3D library

Three.js come with lot of examples files, which are curently not usable as ES6 module. The purpose of this project is to convert all examples files and includes them as part of the library.


Assuming that npm and node are already installed.


npm install --save three-full


Like Three.js but with more, more and more available stuff.

Using ES6:
import { WhatIWant } from 'node_modules/three-full/builds/'
// equivalent to
import { WhatIWant } from 'three-full'

// or directly from sources folder

import { Ocean } from 'node_modules/three-full/sources/Ocean'

Using Node/CommonJS:
const Three = require('node_modules/three-full/builds/Three.cjs.js')
// equivalent to 
const Three = require('three-full')
Using UMD:
const Three = require('node_modules/three-full/builds/Three.umd.js')
Using AMD:
    function( Three ){



From HTML (not recommended):
    <meta charset="UTF-8">
    <title>Three Full Es6</title>

    <script src="node_modules/three-full/builds/Three.iife.js"></script>
        alert('Three.REVISION: ' + Three.REVISION)

Note: You should copy the file in right server location to serve it correctly, and use Three.iife.min.js under production ! Importing the all library in HTML page should be avoided, use a proper module bundler like webpack or rollup using es6 module syntaxe !


In case you want participate, you need to known some commands below:


npm run help
Will display all you need to known about available commands in three-full package


npm run patch
Important: After installing/reinstalling node_modules/three you need to apply patch only once, for fix some examples parts.


npm run convert
This command will convert all examples files as ES6 modules (*) and copy all three files at top level of the package in view to be build.


npm run build
This command will build converted sources as UMD, AMD, ES (*), CJS and IIFE using Rollup

Missings Files

This is the list of unsupported part of example, which cannot/won't be converted.

  • Intermediary exporter files

    • Curves.js
    • Geometries.js
    • Materials.js
    • Nodes.js
  • Others

    • examples\js //Good job was done in JSM folder, nice
    • examples\jsm\controls\experimental //Duplicate exports
  • Specific Files

    • examples\js\loaders\VRMLLoader
    • examples\js\loaders\NRRDLoader
    • examples\js\renderers\RaytracingWorker

Missings Imports

  • Scene Could use __THREEDEVTOOLS_
  • WebGLRenderer Could use __THREEDEVTOOLS_
  • MMDLoader Require MMDParser available at three/examples/jsm/libs/mmdparser.module.js
  • MMDExporter Require MMDParser available at three/examples/jsm/libs/mmdparser.module.js
  • FBXLoader Require Zlib.Inflate available at three/examples/jsm/libs/inflate.module.min.js
  • EXRLoader Require Zlib.Inflate available at three/examples/jsm/libs/inflate.module.min.js
  • NRRDLoader Require Zlib.Inflate available at three/examples/jsm/libs/inflate.module.min.js
  • VTKLoader Require Zlib.Inflate available at three/examples/jsm/libs/inflate.module.min.js
  • TTFLoader Require opentype available at three/examples/js/libs/opentype.min.js
  • TimelinerController Require Timeliner available at three/examples/js/libs/timeliner_gui.min.js

Redirected Files

All JSM files are mapped to their counter-part under sources folders except

| Filename | New Location | |------------------------|---------------------------------------| | ConvexObjectBreaker | 'modifiers/ConvexObjectBreaker.js' | | Curve | 'curves/Curve.js' | | Earcut | 'misc/Earcut.js' | | GPUComputationRenderer | 'renderers/GPUComputationRenderer.js' | | Gyroscope | 'objects/Gyroscope.js' | | ImageUtils | 'utils/ImageUtils.js' | | MD2Character | 'objects/MD2Character.js' | | MD2CharacterComplex | 'objects/MD2CharacterComplex.js' | | MorphAnimMesh | 'objects/MorphAnimMesh.js' | | MorphBlendMesh | 'objects/MorphBlendMesh.js' | | Ocean | 'objects/Ocean.js' | | PMREMGenerator | 'utils/PMREMGenerator.js' | | RollerCoaster | 'objects/RollerCoaster.js' | | ShapeUtils | 'utils/ShapeUtils.js' | | VolumeSlice | 'audio/VolumeSlice.js' | | WebGL | 'helpers/WebGL.js' |

Change log

  • Fix WebGLShadowMap missing imports
  • Fix banner deprecation warning
  • Fix OBJLoader2Worker management
  • Ignore XRControllerModelFactory
  • Fix missing motion-controllers lib copy
  • Fix multi-imports override from external file
  • Support of Three r113.2
  • Ignore experimental jsm folder
  • Add eslint fix about StandardNode
  • Fix SVGLoader imports
  • Fix TypedArrayUtils imports
  • Fix WebGLPrograms imports
  • Support of Three r112.1
  • Better redirection of TS files
  • Add PMREMGenerator
  • Add ShaderChunk light toon
  • Add ShaderLib mesh toon
  • Move WebXRManager into webxr folder
  • Support of Three r111.0
  • Remove OutlineEffect edgecase
  • Remove LegacyGLTFLoader
  • Remove LegacyJSONLoader
  • Remove PaintViveController
  • Remove ViveController
  • Remove DaydreamController
  • Remove GearVRController
  • Support of Three r110.0
  • Remove AssimpJSONLoader
  • Remove EquirectangularToCubeGenerator
  • Remove SoftwareRenderer
  • Remove WebGL2Renderer
  • Support of Three r109.0
  • Add InstancedMesh
  • Add WebGLMultiviewRenderTarget
  • Add WebGLMultiview
  • Remove EditorControls
  • Remove OrthographicTrackballControls
  • Remove AWDLoader
  • Remove BabylonLoader
  • Remove PlayCanvasLoader
  • Fix missing branch merge
  • Support of Three r108.0
  • Add missing imports to WebGLPrograms
  • Add missing libs folder
  • Add PointLightShadow
  • Add some ShaderChunk
  • Add VSM shader
  • Support of Three r107.0
  • Fix FBXLoader imports
  • Fix TypedArrayUtils imports
  • Fix WebGL declaration
  • Fix WebVR declaration
  • Support of Three r106.2
  • Ignore VRMLLoader due to incompatible AMD dependencies
  • Add RectAreaLightUniformsLib
  • Add CarControls
  • Add MathNode
  • Add GodRayShader
  • Add OceanShader
  • Add SkinShader
  • Add TerrainShader
  • Add ToonShader
  • Add TranslucentShader
  • Fix DRACOExporter name
  • Fix ObjectLoader curves imports
  • Fix TextureCubeUVNode imports
  • Support of Three r105.2
  • Add special treatment for HelioWebXRPolyfill
  • Update Pass patch
  • Add BasisTextureLoader
  • Fix Lut export
  • Fix NodeMaterialLoader export
  • Fix SMAAShader export
  • Fix WebGLDeferredRenderer export
  • Support of Three r104
  • Add LightProbeHelper
  • Add AmbientLightProbe
  • Add HemisphereLightProbe
  • Add LightProbe
  • Add LightProbeGenerator
  • Add SphericalHarmonics3
  • Support of Three r103
  • Add DracoExporter
  • Add LWOLoader
  • Add DataTexture2DArray
  • Move ImageUtils into utils folder
  • Reintroduce ParametricGeometries
  • Allow to remove exports from config file using negation
  • Auto generate unit test files for karma and html
  • Fix DRACOLoader, NormalNode, , Loader, Material naming (internal $1)
  • Export EquirectangularToCubeGenerator
  • Export cloneUniforms and mergeUniforms from UniformsUtils
  • Unexport HDRLoader (Use RGBELoader instead)
  • Add unit tests about the usability of each Three class
  • Add new npm script 'test' to run unit under karma server
  • Add new gulp tasks to auto-generate unit tests
  • Generate an HTML report after 'npm run test'
  • Support of Three r102
  • Fix missing core folder due to NPM v6.8.0 bug
  • Support of Three r101
  • Add patch in BufferGeometryUtils againt for...of loop
  • Support of Three r100
  • Ignore ldraw folder
  • Support of Three r99
  • Allow new glsl support
  • Support of Three r98
  • Some trouble could come from LoaderSupport using eval (/!)
  • Ignore offscreen folder
  • Support of Three r97
  • Add cleaning step before right source files ( Remove extra blank lines and semi-colons)
  • Remove some useless patch about Nodes
  • Use new WebGL lib instead of Detector
  • Fix warning for cjs build onky in debug mode and improve window global check
  • Fix global window declaration for cjs build usage (again)
  • Fix global window declaration for cjs build usage
  • Fix ObjLoader2 worker code
  • Build tests under a gulp task
  • Allow to lint tests files
  • Add banner management over all sources files to avoid PR on sources that are converted
  • Fix SkeletonUtils eslint bug using replacements edge case
  • Sources files are now linted
  • Support of Three r96
  • Update edgecase replacement for LoaderSupport
  • Support of Three r95
  • Use a generator function that iterate over all files under sources and create the rollup config to build them separatly
  • Fix missing LoaderUtils import in OBJLoader2
  • Fix missing TextureCubeNode import in NodeBuilder
  • Fix missing _Math import in Node
  • Fix missing BufferGeometryUtils import in GLTFLoader
  • Fix missing BokehDepthShader import in CinematicCamera
  • Fix missing UniformsUtils and HalftoneShader import in HalftonePass
  • Fix missing UniformsUtils and AfterimageShader import in AfterimagePass
  • Fix missing Uint8BufferAttribute, Int8BufferAttribute, Int16BufferAttribute, Int32BufferAttribute and Float32BufferAttribute import in DRACOLoader
  • Ignore Nodes and THREE.Nodes intermediary files
  • Move ShaderTranslucent in shader folder
  • Support of Three r94
  • Support of Three r93
  • Support of Three r92
  • Support of Three r91
  • Fix DefaultLoadingManager import in OBJLoader2
  • Fix ShaderLib, UniformsLib, and UniformsUtils imports in LineMaterial
  • Fix DefaultLoadingManager, Uint16BufferAttribute and Uint32BufferAttribute imports in DRACOLoader
  • Remove fix-camera-node task due to threejs fix
  • Fix missings PropertyBinding imports in FBXLoader
  • Fix missings PropertyBinding imports in GLTFExporter
  • Fix missings AnimationClip imports in MorphAnimMesh
  • Fix missings AnimationClip imports in MD2Loader
  • Fix missings _Math imports in SoftwareRenderer
  • Fix missings CameraNode imports in NodeMaterialLoader
  • Fix missings Interpolant imports in MMDLoader
  • Remove unnecessary _Math imports
  • Add a window global variable check to avoid crach under nodejs
  • Change default entry for main and module in package
  • Fix #18, OBJLoader2 worker code
  • Fix missings Geometries imports in ObjectLoader
  • Fix missings Materials imports in LoaderMaterial
  • Fix missings Curves imports in CurvePath
5.0.2 (Thanks to Marc Bartels):
  • Fix missings Loader imports in GLTFLoader
  • Fix invalid module.export stuff inside Detector
5.0.1 :
  • Reintroduce LineSegment fix
5.0.0 :
  • Support of Three r90
  • Move the example folder tree to source /!\ In case you're using direct source import, please check the '(Redirected Files)' part
  • Fix Math (instead of _Math) issue
  • Fix missings imports/exports
  • Reintroduce RollerCoaster stuff
4.2.4 :
  • Fix Line/LineSegments circular dependency ( Be aware: Line constructor don't return LineSegments in case of wrong arguments, and log an error instead of a warning )
4.2.3 :
  • Fix Detector module.export code snippet
4.2.2 :
  • fix wrong copy/paste
4.2.1 :
  • Ignore some dev files for npm
4.2.0 :
  • Change main entry point of package to
4.1.1 :
  • Fix NodeLib circular dependency with FunctionNode
4.1.0 :
  • Allow to build es module under production environment
  • Fix node warning about unhandled promise rejection
  • Fix rollup warning about indent option moved under output options
  • Clean up sources
4.0.0 :
  • XLoader.js: is now ignored due to AMD module
  • Add Earcut, Curves, EXRLoader, GCodeLoader, LoaderUtils
  • Remove KeyframeTrackConstructor, KeyframeTrackPrototype, PathPrototype and ImageUtils
  • Update imports statements
3.0.0 :
  • Cloth.js: is remove due to bad usage of global variable from his html example file
  • Add two new fix for three package in CameraNode and NodeLib
  • Fix almost all missings imports statements
  • Note:
    • MMDExporter and MMDLoader need external dependency from
    • FBXLoader and VTKLoader need external dependency from
    • TTFLoader need external dependency from
2.2.0 :
  • Add tests about every file to check their imports
2.1.1 :
  • Fix missing import statement in ShaderPass
2.1.0 :
  • Export and import statement support multilines
2.0.0 :
  • Support Three.js r88
  • Reintroduce ColladaLoader in available modules
  • Refactor the convert pipeline

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