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🔴YouTube Extension📌80 Features📌Tidy📌Longest standing(2012)(300000 active users)⭐Please document, code or donate⋮⚙️⏯️🎬🎞️🔊⋮☕🎨🧩🧪📈⋮

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An extension, that we built to refine & sweeten your experience on YouTube. The first popular features were simply to have a larger player, hide distractions and save your time. By now we also have many powerful features enhancing YouTube functionality. And there is so much left to build! ... - ImprovedTube's User Interface is designed with our library Satus to manage your settings efficiently. - Technically, ImprovedTube is the only project providing so much CSS to adjust another service🦄(cmiiw)


ImprovedTube can fly much higher through your effort, thoughts or word of mouth. Please spread the word. (ImprovedTube didn't afford advertisement yet, else it would have millions of users and we could work much faster.)

  • active Bugs (we can offer small bounties(payment/compensation) on solved Issues. Especially label "priority")
  • most wanted new Features (you can add an issue-number to your donation.)
  • active Topics (threads neither labeled 'Bug' nor 'New Feature')

How to start editing our CSS, JS, JSON (For CSS or JavaScript-literates. Newbies are also welcome to try. We will review all contributions. We love to code & collaborate)


Big thanks ♡ to our contributors & donators


* 中文 (繁體) by Still34, water903 and Ignatius Liu

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Browsers support (Firefox & Safari Store listings links to be added)

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Install from source

Chromium / Brave / Vivaldi / Chrome and other

  1. Download & unzip latest release

  2. Open Extensions (chrome://extensions/) page in your browser

  3. Activate "Developer mode"

  4. Click on "Load unpacked" button

  5. Select unzipped folder

Or use one of the published versions: Stable, Beta.

Firefox / Waterfox / GNUzilla and IceCat and other

  1. Download & unzip latest release

  2. Open Add-ons page (about:addons) in your browser

  3. Click on "Extensions" tab

  4. Click on "Debug Add-ons" (about:debugging#/runtime/this-firefox)

  5. Click on "Load Temporary Add-on…"

  6. Select "manifest.json" file from unzipped folder

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