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Like on GitHub

Chrome extension to save links that you like on GitHub repository that you specify

It makes it seem-less to create "today-i-read" repository where you put all the links that you read or liked. Just click a button and the link will be committed to your repository under the current date.


  • Install it from the chrome webstore by following the URL:
  • Or download the extension and load it manually


  • First things first, create a repository to which you would want the links to the liked content be added
  • Now add a file e.g. This is the file that will be holding your likes and you'll have to provide it while setting up the options in the step below.
  • Right click the extension icon (thumb icon) in the bar and click the options page
  • At the options page, add the specified details

Options Page

  • Make sure to select the
    option while generating token.

Generate Token Page

  • Voila! You are all set.

How to Use

Press Cmd + Shift + L and a window will open where you can edit the link title and commit message. After verify the title/message click save and link will be saved in your GitHub repository.

How to Use

Liked content will be there in your linked repository

Liked Content


Feel free to share, fork, enhance, create PRs or lock issues.


MIT © Adnan Ahmed

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