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Hypixel Public API (Java)

This is a Java implementation of the Hypixel API. For discussing the API, requesting help or suggestions you can use the GitHub Discussions.


Hypixel Public API documentation can be found at Java documentation can be found in the code.

GitHub Issues

Github issues should only be used to report bugs. Everything else should either be in Github discussions or use the Hypixel Code Creations forum.


You can use this API as a dependency via the public Hypixel maven repo.




The Hypixel PublicAPI has the following dependencies:

  • Google Gson library
  • Apache HttpClient

Query Limitations

The API server has a request limit of 120 queries per minute. Any abuse of the API or intentions to bypass this limit ( such as with multiple API keys) will lead to your API key being reset or banned.

If you require a higher limit than the above you can open a support ticket at and provide your use case and why you require a higher limit.

Obtaining an API Key

You can obtain an API key by joining
with a valid Minecraft account and running the /api command. You will then be assigned a unique key that is to remain private.


When contributing changes to the Java API please provide as much detail on the changes and the reasons for them. We will not accept changes that have no meaningful contribution to the project.

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