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The Win32 Anti-Intrusion Library

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The Win32 Anti-Intrusion Library

Avanguard is the Windows anti-injection library written on C++.

🔙🔚 Current and in-dev capabilities:

  • [✔️] Threads filter (against of CreateRemoteThread)
  • [✔️] Modules filter
  • [✔️] Memory filter (support of JIT-based languages)
  • [✔️] Stacktrace checker
  • [✔️] Windows hooks detection
  • [✔️] AppInit_DLLs disabler
  • [✔️] Memory mapping based injects detection
  • [✔️] APC filter
  • [✔️] Threads context filter (to prevent a context steal)
  • [❌] HWIDs collector
  • [❌] Java/C#/Delphi bindings and API
  • [❌] Anti-macroses (virtual input blocking)
  • [❌] Anti-debugging techniques
  • [❌] Self-modification support
  • [❌] DACLs-based protection

📝 Dependencies:

  • HookLib - lightweight and convenient hook library written on pure C and NativeAPI
  • Zydis - extremely lightweight disassembler
  • t1ha - the fastest hash ever
  • xorstr - a heavily vectorized C++17 compile-time strings encryptor

📐 How to use:

First of all, clone it with all dependencies:

git clone --recursive

All you need is to build the Avanguard.dll and add it to your application's import table. ```cpp




pragma comment(lib, "Avanguard.lib")

int main() { // Using of Avanguard's symbols binds it to your app: printf("[i] AvnStub: %p\n", Stub); while (true); } ```

Or you can add it to import table manually using PE editors like CFF Explorer: 1. Right click on your exe/dll 2. Open with CFF Explorer 3.

Import Adder
tree entry -> Add -> Choose Avanguard.dll 4. Choose
-> Import by name -> Rebuild import table 5. Go to
Import directory
tree entry 6. Right click on Avanguard.dll -> Move up 7. Move it on the top of import list (it allows Avanguard.dll to load before of all another dlls) 8. Press
button (💾 button at the top) 9. Done! Now put the Avanguard.dll to the same folder as your exe/dll.

🛠 Settings:

You can change enabled features in the

If you want to use it with JIT, you MUST enable
to prevent a false detections.

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