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Original reddit post on /r/unixporn by @hermannbjorgvin



  • Linux
  • nodejs and nodejs package manager (npm)


  1. Clone into some Folder
  git clone https://github.com/Heholord/FalconStats
  1. Enter Folder
cd FalconStats
  1. Install Globally to get the Binaries avaiable
npm install -g
  1. SymLink into the
    folder in Ubuntu (see).
ln -s falcon-motd /etc/update-motd.d/falconstats
  1. Run the Auto-Configuration

Interactive Configuration

For interactive configuration run

node init.js

You can always view or edit your config in scripts/config.json

Testrun your motd


Run scripts

You can run all scripts configured in the scripts/config.json using

node start.js

If you want to run them individually, have a look here:

For nodejs files (*.js):

node scripts/[script].js

For shell scripts files (*.sh):

bash scripts/[script].sh
# or
sh scripts/[script].sh
# or
cd scripts


may require root privileges. It defaults to using
. Adding
to your user as a NOPASSWD command is one way to make it work.

Future wishes and pull request offers

If you send me a pull request I offer you to name your github repo next to the feature you have implemented

We are better together

  • First pull request by TechnologyClassroom
  • thank you stevesbrain for checking our dependency list. This can be a pain in the a** sometimes
  • Thank you MrPowerMac for suggesting this project a licence. Now we are truly open source.
  • J-tt added a logo to our project ๐ŸŽ‰
  • Thank you DSigmund for your startup script. It is very helpful!

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