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(Deprecated Use Apkmod instead)Tmux-Bunch is a first tool for complete apk modding in TERMUX (included :- decompiling , recompiling , signapk , zipalign)

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Tmux-Bunch ( Not Maintained now )

Try Apkmod instead


Steps For Installation

There are two variants available , one for Android < 8.0 and one for Android = 8.0 (OREO) users So follow appropriate instructions on the basis of your Android Version

For Android < 8.0 (OREO)
  1. Goto home directory
    cd $HOME
  2. Install axel
    apt install axel
  3. Download Tar file
  4. Extract
    tar -xf Tmux-Bunch-2.7.tar.gz
  5. Enter into Tmux-Bunch folder
    cd Tmux-Bunch
  6. Run setup script
    bash setup
  7. Now you can run tmuxbunch from any directory by the command
    ##### For Android = 8.0 (OREO)
  8. Goto hone directory
    cd $HOME
  9. Install axel
    apt install axel
  10. Download Tar file
  11. Extract
    tar -xf Tmux-Bunch-2.7-oreo.tar.gz
  12. Enter into Tmux-Bunch
    cd Tmux-Bunch
  13. Run Setup script
    bash setup
  14. Now you can run tmuxbunch from any directory by the command

Usage :

[ New List of shortcuts ]

  1. For decompiling, -----> tbunch -d /path/to/apkname.apk
  2. For recompiling, -----> tbunch -r
  3. For signing -----> tbunch -s
  4. For zipaligning, -----> tbunch -z /path/to/zipalign-apkname.apk
  5. For binding -----> tbunch -b /path/to/original-apk.apk ## [ End of Shortcuts ] ### Decompile Apps
  6. Move or copy your target apk to decompiler folder in Tmux-Bunch folder. For example , fblite.apk is my target apk or app so i will move/copy fblite.apk into decimpiler folder
    cp /path/to/fb_lite.apk $HOME/Tmux-Bunch/decompiler
  7. Now just run tmuxbunch
  8. And select option 2 and enter to continue.
  9. Now you can see your target apk so just enter number of choice which is 1 in my case.
  10. App is now decompiled in recompiler folder with same name i.e fblite.apk in my case _(Don't confused by the .apk extention of decompiled source , here .apk is just a name you can check by `cd fblite.apk`)_

Recompile Apps

  1. By taking same example as above now i have decompiled source in recompiler folder i.e fblite.apk (remember fblite.apk is not apk file , it is a folder here) So just play with source and after playing you have to rerun tmuxbunch
  2. Select option 3 and you can see now folder name which is fblite.apk in my case so i will enter _1__ and boom :).
  3. App will be reompiled to unsign folder but wait work is not completed yet ...
  4. Now you will have to sign your target apk to avoid package parse error while installing.

Sign Apk

  1. So we have our recompiled apk in unsign folder and now select option 4 .
  2. And enter number of choice which is 1 in my case.
  3. Hit ENTER and now you can pick your final signed app from sign folder.

Extra Feature Of Payload Binding With Legit Apps

  1. Move or copy your target app in binder folder.
  2. Run tmuxbunch
  3. Select 6 and you will get list of apks from binder folder , for example i copied fblite.apk in binder folder and selected 6 so i will see only one app in list which fblite.apk.
  4. Enter 1 or your desired choice and ENTER.
  5. Then wait 2-5 minutes while binding process.
  6. Now you can pick your final binded apk from embout folder.

Note :- Some apps cant be binded because of some reasons and some tested apps are Ccleaner, Terminal Emulator, Google Launcher, Fblite (Maybe only in aarch64), mini militia modded version etc :)

Using this ....You can play with apks source codes and also you can bind payloads with any apk.

Changes in v2.7

  1. Use termux apksigner #### Changes in v2.6
  2. Use termux aapt
  3. Separate Two Variation For Oreo & below oreo users #### Changes in v2.5
  4. Add oreo support #### Changes in v2.4
  5. Added new shortcuts to quickly play around with tmuxbunch

Changes in v2.3

  1. Add persistence backdoor script
  2. Autochecking for binder folder if not exist so tool will create

Changes in v2.2

  1. Fix error
  2. Update Apktool from 2.2.0 to 2.2.2

Changes in v2.1

  1. Improve stability.
  2. Fixed some errors regarding apktool and signapk.
  3. Add new folder "embout"
  4. No need to sign your apk.

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