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Examples of using Weex and Vue.js

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Weex Vue Examples

Single page examples written in Weex and Vue.js.

The Example Website

The source code the website is in the

folder. Here is other resources:


Clone the project and install dependencies (

npm install
), then:
  • npm run serve
    : Start a web server on port 8080.
  • npm run build
    : Build the source files.
  • npm run dev
    : Watch the file changes and auto build.


Write an example on Weex online playground and add the url to a proper place in

, then send a PR.

The example should contain these massages:

  • hash
    : The md5 hash in the example's link address.
  • title
    : A brief title of the example. It's better to have both Chinese and English titles.
  • screenshot
    : [optional] The screen shot of the example. It's better to upload the image to a CDN and just offer an address, don't upload the image file to the repo.

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