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Update your CFW, sigpatches, cheat codes, firmwares and more directly from your Nintendo Switch!

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A Nintendo Switch homebrew app to download and update CFWs, sigpatches, FWs and cheat codes. Supports Atmosphère, ReiNX and SXOS.

Works on unpatched (Erista) and patched (v2/Mariko) Switches.

How to install

Copy the

directory to
on your sdcard.

Description of the features

⬦ Update CFW

  • Download the most popular Switch CFWs. After downloading the CFW archive, the program will ask you whether you want to override your existing .ini files.
    • If you would like to preserve additional files or directories, write their path (one line each) in
      and they won't be overwritten when updating.
    • Place this file in
      in order to have specific copy operations performed after each download. This is mainly meant for users with trinkets who want payloads automatically copied to a directory.
    • A custom Atmosphère url can be entered in this file and it will show on the
      Update Atmopshère
      menu. This can be used to support third-party packs through AIO-Switch-Updater

⬦ Update Sigpatches

  • For Atmosphère. Downloads sigpatches, which are patches required for launching unofficial .NSPs. Both AMS and Hekate+AMS sigpatches are available.

⬦ Download firmwares

  • Download firmware files to
    that can then be installed using DayBreak.

⬦ Download cheats

  • Downloads and extracts daily-updated cheat code. The program will only extract cheat codes for the games you own. By default, this homebrew will overwrite the existing cheats. If you have your own cheat files that you'd like to keep as is, you can turn off cheat updates for specific titles in
    Tools->Cheat Menu
  • Since v2.0.0, AIO-Switch-Updater can also download cheat sheets from Cheat Slips.
  • Since v2.6.0, AIO-Switch-Updater can also download individual cheat codes from the

Extras (in the

  • Reboot to specific payload.
  • Download payloads to
  • Change software color scheme of Joy-Cons. Additional color profiles can be found in the releases and should be copied to
    . Use this webpage to generate your own profiles.
  • Change software color scheme of Pro Controllers (has to be paired as Player 1). Additional color profiles can be found in the releases and should be copied to
  • Consult installed cheat codes.
  • Launch the Switch's web browser.
  • Edit internet settings (DNS, IP address, MTU, etc). Add you own configs to
    . You can find a template in the root of the repo.
  • Tabs can be hidden through the
    Hide tabs
    menu, and more entries can be hidden by manually editing


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update_ams deepsea_builder downloading get_cheats get_individual_cheat tools_menu joycon_color_swapper


Expand to view the build instructions

You need to have installed devkitPro and devkitARM in order to compile this project.

Install the required dependencies:

$ sudo (dkp-)pacman -Sy
$ sudo (dkp-)pacman -S  switch-glfw \
                        switch-curl \
                        switch-glm \
                        switch-mbedtls \

Use switch-ex-curl instead of switch-curl to use this app with an invalid SSL certificate.

Clone the repository

$ git clone --recursive
$ cd aio-switch-updater


$ cd aiosu-forwarder
$ make
$ cd ..
$ make


PRs and suggestions are encouraged! If you wish to help with the localization of the app, you can translate the files in

. To easily find the non-translated strings and translate them, you may use
python -r resources//i18n//en-US//menus.json -w resources//i18n//fr//menus.json


I do not own, host nor distribute any of the files that can be downloaded with this homebrew tool. At the owner's request, I will immediately remove the ability to download any problematic file.

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