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Turns a Keyboard into a Trackpad

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Turns any keyboard into a trackpad.

Download (Windows 64bit)

YouTube Video

How To Use

  • You need a keyboard layout image "layout.png". I included an example in the zip file.
  • Next, label the keys. Press "F2" to start the editor mode. Click on the top left of a key, then the bottom right, then type the key. Do this for all keys you want to use.
  • Press "S" to save your key labels to "layout.bin". I included an example of this as well.
  • Press "F2" to switch back to idle.
  • You can now toggle the keyboard on and off with "F1".
  • Drag a finger over the keyboard to move the mouse. Double-tap a key to click or start dragging. 2 fingers scroll.
  • "Esc" will always shut down the app and release the hook in case you get stuck.

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