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Use Google Sheets as a Filesystem to get Unlimited Free Cloud Storage

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Winner: Best use of Google Cloud Platform at Hack Cambridge 4D.

Mounts a FUSE virtual filesystem that stores its data as base64 encoded binary data in a Google Sheet. Since data entered in Google sheets don't count towards your 15GB free storage limit in Google Drive, this technically enables you to get free unlimited cloud storage.

See the Devpost page for a full description.

Note that like most hackathon projects, this code was thrown together over the course of about 15 hours in a semi-conscious state, so don't expect anything incredibly robust.


Ensure you have virtualenv, pip and python2 installed.

virtualenv venv
source venv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt


Edit the constants at the beginning of

to suit your needs and run the following to mount the FUSE filesystem and start communicating with the Google Sheets API.
python main.py [mountpoint]

Debugging Tips

is a good tool to use to see what filesystem related syscalls are doing. For example, if attempts to create a file with
on a spreadsheetfs mounted on
, make sure your spreadsheetfs is mounted and run:
strace touch ~/mountpoint/somefile.txt


MIT © Rhys Rustad-Elliott

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