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Just a simple javascript calendar

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Just a simple javascript calendar

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Fast set up

Add the jsCalendar code on

Then insert a calendar on

Or maybe you need to display it in an other language!

We also have a simple GUI calendar code generator, so that you can easily create your jsCalendar.

CDN (Unpkg & JsDelivr)

You can also use the jsCalendar package on the unpkg CDN.

Or you can also use the jsCalendar npm package on the jsdelivr CDN.

Full example with all the files and their integrity hashes using unpkg here and using jsdelivr here (the hashes are the same).

npm package

If you are into npm you can install the lib's package by just typing in your command line

npm i simple-jscalendar

Copy library files to your resources folders

cp ./node_modules/simple-jscalendar/source/jsCalendar.js ./js/jsCalendar.js cp ./node_modules/simple-jscalendar/source/jsCalendar.css ./css/jsCalendar.css

Maybe copy a language and a theme too

cp ./node_modules/simple-jscalendar/source/ ./js/ cp ./node_modules/simple-jscalendar/themes/jsCalendar.clean.css ./css/jsCalendar.clean.css

More info on the npm page

Learn to jsCalendar

Preview images

Build-in Themes Default Theme Material Theme Classic Theme Additional Themes DarkSeries Theme Clean Theme Micro Theme

Whats new?

Latest development code v1.4.5-beta (beta minified versions may be out-of-date)

  • Added
    • Added extension add method
      jsCalendar.ext('example', {init : , create : , update : });
    • Added methods
      to prevent the calendars from re-rendering the UI PR#56 by @paxperscientiam
  • Bugs
    • Fixed
      parameter on
      (was not the first date)
    • Fixed selected dates not highlighted bug (depending on your timezone) (issue #44)
    • Fixed
      (issue #45)
    • Fixed
      bug #42
    • Improved UX on dates outside
      limits PR#58 by @zangarmarsh
  • Languages

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This project is under The MIT license. I do although appreciate attribute.

Copyright (c) 2017-2021 Grammatopoulos Athanasios-Vasileios

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