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tool to download comics and manga in pdf/epub/cbr/cbz from a website

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Getting Started


Download the latest release:

Download the latest GUI release:

Put the script under a folder.


You can invoke the

        Download all issues of the Comic or Comics
  -country string
        Set the country to retrieve a manga, Used by MangaDex which uses ISO 3166-1 codes
        Run the download as daemon
        Shows Debug log
  -format string
        Comic format output, supported formats are pdf,epub,cbr,cbz (default "pdf")
        To use with images-only flag, choose the image format, available png,jpeg,img (default "jpg")
        Download comic/manga images
        Download the last Comic issue
  -output string
        Folder where the comics will be saved
        Range of issues to download, example 3-9
  -timeout int
        Timeout (seconds), specifies how often the downloader runs (default 600)
  -url string
        Comic URL or Comic URLS by separating each site with a comma without the use of spaces
        Display release version

Options supported

| Source | all | country| last | |-----------------------------|--------|--------|--------| | |✓|✗|✓| | |✓|✗|✓| | |✓|✗|✓| | |✓|✓|✓| | |✓|✓|✓| | |✓|✗|✓| | |✓|✗|✓|

Checking for mangas using a Raspberry Pi

If you'd like to track your favourite mangas you can use this bash script.

Multiple URLs

./comics-downloader -url=url,url2,url3

Specify the format output

available formats:

  • pdf
  • epub
  • cbr
  • cbz

Default format is pdf.


./comics-downloader -url=[your url] -format=epub

Download the whole comic

Provide the comic url and use the

flag. The url provided can be any issue of the comic, or the main comic page url.


./comics-downloader -url=[your url] -all

Download the range of issues

Provide the comic url and use the

flag. The url provided can be any issue of the comic, or the main comic page url.


./comics-downloader -url=[your url] -range=[start-end]

Download the last comic issue

To download the last comic issue use

./comics-downloader -url=[your url] -last

Download to custom folder

To download to a custom folder use the

flag. The folder will be created if not already existing.
./comics-downloader -url=[your url] -output=[your path]

Run as daemon

You can run the CLI downloader as daemon using

flag. works only if
flags are specified.
./comics-downloader -url=[your url] -daemon

You can customize the daemon timeout using the

./comics-downloader -url=[your url] -daemon -timeout=300

Download Only the Images

You can download only the images using

./comics-downloader -url=[your url] -images-only

To choose the format use

flag, the available formats are:
  • img
  • png
  • jpg

Default is jpg.

./comics-downloader -url=[your url] -images-only -images-format=jpg

Built With


Feel free to submit a pull request, a guide to setup the development enviroment is available here


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details

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