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ZCash AMD OpenCL stratum miner for Windows

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Genoil's ZEC miner

A basic AMD OpenCL Zcash GPU miner.


  • AMD GCN architecture GPUs
  • multi GPU
  • stratum pool connection
  • fast SilentArmy kernels


Command line options:

Command line param        Description              Example
--help,-h                 show help message        
--krnl,-k kernelname      set kernel(s)            -k zec
--conn,-c hostname:port   set host                 -c
--user,-u username.worker set user                 -u Genoil.SilentArmy
--pass,-p workerpass      set password             -p z
--gpus,-g        set gpu(s)               -g 0 1 2 3 ...
--work,-w                  set work size(s)         -w 64
--ints,-i                  set intensity(ies)       -i 20
--plat,-P                  set OpenCL platform id   -P 0
--fail,f               set gpu fail mode        -f 0
--zero,z               set zero sols watch      -z 1

Notes: - --krnl/-k parameter can have multiple parameters. This will launch more CPU threads, each running a miner with the specified kernel. For now, only dual (or more) zec is supported, i.e. '-k zec zec' - --ints/-i parameter sets 2-log of equihash bucket size & OpenCL global work size. Only the following values are supported: 20, 19, 18, 16. Lower values will usually lower performance, but free up GPU resources for desktop work or dual mining. - --work/-w parameter prefers powers of to between 64 and 256. You may experiment with other values. - --plat--P paramter is useful for systems with iGPU enabled or mixed AMD/Nvidia GPUs. - --fail/-f 0: attempt gpu restart 1: exit gpu thread 2: exit application (default: 0) - --zero/-z 0: disable 0 sol/s watchdog 1: enable 0 sols/s watcdog (default: 1)


genoil.exe -c -u Genoil.SilentArmy -p z -P 0 -g 0 1 -i 20 -w 64

Known issues

Current release may have problems compiling kernels on first use. It can help to launch the miner for a single gpu first, before trying to run with multiple GPUs. This is especially the case when you have differetn models of GPUs in your rig.



  • show help message
  • reduce number of '21' errors
  • reconnect on 21 error
  • reintroduce -w and -i switches


  • GCN 1.0 support (SilentArmy v2)
  • reconnect on 24 error


  • does not require AVX2 CPU any longer


  • SilentArmy v1 kernels


  • Trial & error release


  • some bug fixes


  • initial release


Up until version and including version 0.3 I could use OpenCL ported versions of John Tromp's Equihash solver. Thanks John, your rock! From version 0.4 onwards I'm using Marc Bevand's SilentArmy solver. Thanks Marc, you march, silently!

Also thanks to ocminer from suprnova and feeleep from for debugging assistance! And to my donators who provided me with shiny new GPUs!

Tips & donations are very much appreciated on: - BTC: 1Nu2fMCEBjmnLzqb8qUJpKgq5RoEWFhNcW - ETH: 0xeb9310b185455f863f526dab3d245809f6854b4d

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