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Vue Native Starter App with Login, News Feed and Sidebar using Vuelidate and Vuex

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Sample Login App with Vue Native and Vuex with Validations


vue-native-starter app


  • Clone and install packages
git clone
cd vue-native-starter-app
  • Run on iOS

    • Run
      react-native run-ios
      in your terminal
  • Run on Android

    • Make sure you have an
      Android emulator
      installed and running
    • Run
      react-native run-android
      in your terminal

Libraries used

  • Packages Used

    • native-base: 2.6.1
    • react: 16.3.1
    • react-native: 0.55.4
    • vue-native-core: 0.0.7
    • vue-native-helper: 0.0.8
    • vue-native-router: 0.0.1-alpha.3
    • vuelidate: 0.7.4
    • vuex: 3.0.1

Folder structure

The source files are located in

folder. All the assets file are under assets folder. All the screens which refer to the main route (Entry Points) are under
and the compenents related to those screens are inside

Usage of vuelidate and vuex

  • Validation Since vuelidate cannot identify the events for dirty natively. We can $touched for a partiuclar event to mark a field as dirty. For example in login.vue, for email field we have used

    :on-blur="() => $v.emailValue.$touch()"
    to mark a field as dirty when the field loses it's focus.
  • Store We have used vuex for state management. The actions, mutations and the store are specified under

    . The actions specify the action which are fired using
    method. The mutations specify the modifications on an object for a particular action.



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