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Wineskin Unofficial Update

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Wineskin Unofficial Update

A working version of Wineskin using the development code from Wineskin with some tweaks, the Original Wineskin Code was updated by VitorMM and some additional features and fixes by myself Unoffical_Wineskin.
Unlike the Official Wineskin Project by doh123 that worked on OS X 10.6 to macOS 10.12 (without tweaks), this project supports MacOSX10.9 to macOS10.14

Downloads count

Contained here;

1) Wine versions packaged as Engines to be used with

Wineskin Winery
2) - The current version will be downloaded updating the local version 3) Wineskin Unofficial Updates - Master Wrapper

Currently available compiled Wine Versions (Engines)

  • WS11WineCX64Bit19.0.1-1 (10.9 > 10.15)
  • WS11WineCX19.0.1-1 (10.9 > 10.15)
  • WS10WineCX64Bit18.5.0 (10.9 > 10.14)
  • WS10WineCX18.5.0 (10.9 > 10.14)

All other Wine versions are repacked from Winehq portable releases into Wineskin Engines
This repacking is done on your system.

DirectX support and wine

Wine converts D3D to OpenGL and the version on macOS hasn't been updated in years, at precent only DirectX9 and earlier functions.\ DirectX10 and later are not supported on macOS\ DXVK & VKD3D are also no supported!

macOS Catalina support;

WS11WineCX19.0.1-1 & WS11WineCX64Bit19.0.1-1 include

meaning they function on macOS Catalina but as they have not been code-signed & notarized additional steps are required.
All future WS11 Engines automatically mean Catalina is supported.

macOS Catalina (10.15.4 and later);


boot argument avoids Gatekeeper warning when running 32Bit executables.\ It's still recommended currently to disable SIP, due to the additional restrictions on user directories an example being
\ Currently looking into some different options to correctly handle obtaining permission to these locations even if a user didn't allow it initially.

macOS Catalina (10.15.3 and below);

SIP needs to be disabled to make changes to

to function.

Hackintosh Support?

AMD based systems are not supported due to being unable to run 32Bit code on macOS.
Intel based systems should work without issue.


Keeping the same as the original material, LGPL 2.1 is the license of that project. You can find more details about that in the LICENSE file.


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