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A simple PCB to power up your Game Boy Advance SP with a Raspberry Pi W


  • Support 2 ILI9341 screen sizes 2.8 + 3.2
  • I2S audio
  • GPIO buttons " a + b + x + y + l + r + up + down + left + right + start + select " (x & y optional)
  • TP4056 for charging
  • Battery monitor ADS1015 (optional)
  • Supports 2 ways for charging
  • [x] Original SP port (optional)
  • [x] Micro USB

Build Instructions:

  1. Print your PCB
  2. Modifying SP Case
  3. PCB Assembly
  4. Final Assembly
  5. Download RetroPie image (Software)


  1. X & Y Buttons
  2. 3.2 screen
  3. 3d printed parts


  1. Screen
  2. Buttons
  3. Audio

Parts List:



  • [x] Board thickness is
    other than that will not fit.
  • [x] English is not my first language, if you find any mistakes or something is not clear please let me know.
  • [x] I am not responsible for any damage you might get
  • [x] You must have experience (I'm not recommending this as your first build)
  • [x] Buy a good quality housing
  • [x] A little patience is required

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