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This server is a simple way to get read-only information about player statistics in the game Overwatch by Blizzard.

A live version runs on

Game data

This API does not aim to expose data about the heroes, maps, etc in the game. For that, use

API Docs

OWAPI has a very simple RESTful API to get information.
As the API is read-only, the only method required is


See the doc for more information.

Running an instance

OWAPI has a few requirements:

  • A Python version >3.6
  • Probably a Linux-based server; I don't know about the viability of running it on Windows.

Installation steps:

  1. Clone the repository.

    git clone
  2. Setup a Redis server.

    Redis should be running on the default port - 6379. You can override this in config.yml; however. Redis is used for caching lots of data so that there's not a 10 second delay on EVERY request as the data is fetched and scraped; it is essential.

    For Debian/Ubuntu, you can install one with:

    sudo apt install redis-server

    You can enable it with:

    sudo systemctl enable redis-server && sudo systemctl start redis-server
  3. Install the requirements.

    For debian-based systems, run this first:

    sudo apt install libxslt-dev python3-dev python3-venv build-essential zlib1g-dev pkg-config

    Install poetry packaging and dependency manager by following the installation documentation.

    To set up the virtualenv:

    poetry install
  4. Copy and tweak the example config file.

    cp config.example.yml config.yml
  5. Start the OWAPI server.

    PYTHONPATH=. poetry run asphalt run config.yml

    The server is now running on http://localhost:4444/

    Note: If you want the full speedups from Kyoukai you must run with uvloop enabled:

    PYTHONPATH=. poetry run asphalt run -l uvloop config.yml

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