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A Twitter bot that utilizes the SauceNao API to find the source of images or anime screencaps

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An open-source Twitter bot that utilizes the SauceNao API to find the source of images or anime screencaps.

Official @saucenaopls account

The official account for this Twitter bot can be found here: @SauceNaoPls


Setting up your own instance of the Twitter SauceNao bot is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is copy the example configuration file, config.example.ini, to config.ini, then set the configuration variables accordingly.

Getting started

Additional information

For more information on the bot project, please refer to the GitHub's Wiki page here:

Closing remarks

I hope you have found this project useful. All the major credit really goes to the SauceNao website and service, which allows the bot to operate.


Thank you so much to all of our supporters on Patreon! It means a lot to me that you believe in this project enough to help fund it.

Waifus / Husbandos ($15+)

  • Spina97

Main Characters ($6)

  • James P Harris
  • Karter
  • Part
  • Patrick Swasey

Supporting Characters ($3)

  • Caleb Dron
  • Edward Simmons
  • Izu
  • JL
  • Josiah Wolf
  • Justin Whang
  • Migi
  • NeonTaeh
  • Nyabe
  • Russel
  • Sergio Juarez
  • Tamschi
  • Ulysses Duckler
  • jclc

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