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Rusted PackFile Manager (RPFM) is a... reimplementation in Rust and Qt5 of PackFile Manager (PFM), one of the best modding tools for Total War Games.

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Rusted PackFile Manager

Rusted PackFile Manager (RPFM) is a... reimplementation in Rust and ~~GTK3~~ Qt5 of PackFile Manager (PFM), one of the best modding tools for Total War Games.

Downloads here:


Status of the Project

RPFM currently supports all Total War Games since Empire Total War. Improvements are done every week, and contributions, either by schema update, translation, code or docs are welcome!

Requirements (to use)

  • Windows: Just download it, extract it somewhere and execute it.
  • Linux: Make sure you have Qt5 5.14 or higher, xz, and 7zip installed. DDS files also require you to have the Qt5 Imageformats DDS library installed.
  • MacOS: You'll know it when I manage to compile it for Mac.

Also, the manual is HERE, READ IT BEFORE ASKING.

Requirements (to build)

Check the building instructions here:


  • Why not helping with PFM instead of reimplementing it?: because I wanted to learn a new language, and I already now a bit of C#. Also, where is the fun of that?
  • Why the code quality is not the very best?: because I'm using this project to learn Rust, and I'm constantly rewriting code as I find new and better ways to write it.
  • How can I translate it to my own language?: go to the locale folder, copy the English_en.ftl file, rename it to NameYouWantInTheUI_xx.ftl. For example, for spanish it'll be Español_es.ftl. Translate it. Done.
  • Why there is no .exe in the download?: because you downloaded the source code, not the program. Check at the begining of this description, where is says Downloads here.


  • Frodo45127: I'm the guy who made the program.
  • Maruka (From Steam): He made the wazard hat's icon. Also, he helped with the research to decode RigidModel files.
  • Mr. Jox (From Steam): He helped with A LOT of information about decoding RigidModels.
  • Aexrael Dex (From Discord): He is who got all those suggested functions you see when editing a Lua Script.
  • DrunkFlamingo (From Discord): He is who got all the Lua Types for Warhammer 2 so Kailua can work with WH2 scripts.
  • Der Spaten (From Discord): He helped with the research to decode RigidModels, specially with the "Replace texture" functionality.
  • Trolldemorted (From Github): He is who made all the research and code to get Arena PackFiles (and music PackedFiles in Rome 2 and Attila) decrypted and readable.
  • Jake Armitage (From Discord): He made the icons used by RPFM since version 2.0.0.
  • John Sirett (From Gitlab): He made the original version of the CA_VP8 converter in python, which I used as a base for the converter in RPFM.
  • Marthenil (From Discord): He managed to get most of the AnimXXX files decoded, and give some sense to what I saw when doing the same.

Special Thanks to:

  • The guys that made PFM: Most of the decoding stuff would have been very hard to work out without the PFM source code. So many thanks for make the PFM open source!
  • The guys at CA: They make good, easily-modable games, and are very friendly with the community. Weird company in these times.

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