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Flutter application boilerplate, with Redux included

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A Flutter application boilerplate, with Redux included.


Coming from a React Native background, using Redux in dart feels rather awkward. This project's purpose is to provide a well-structured starter project, with an architeture that resembles Redux.js'.

This boilerplate includes:


This project is split into a few directories:

Store directory has only one file (

), which is used to initialize the Store. It makes use of some middlewares, which are imported from midddleware directory. There, you will find
. That file's purpose is to return an array of middlewares, as well as initializing a persistor (read redux_persist.dart docs for more info).

Models directory holds objects used across the app, such as State objects.

defines the Store's main State, which has other State objects (like
) as its properties. This way, you will be able to access to State just like you would in Redux.js.
    auth: AuthState {
        // AuthState props...   

(you can then read that in your app with store.state.auth.{prop})

Reducers are built with redux.dart's helper functions. You can read about that here.

Screens, containers and presentation directories just hold widgets. They're separated for clarity matters.

Containers are widgets which access to State data via flutter_redux.dart connector widgets. Presentation widgets just receive and show props (usually coming from container widgets). Screens are presentation widgets too, with the difference they hold other widgets to form screens. They're rendered in


Styles directory holds some Maps used to style the app consistently.

is the application's entry point. There you set up your StoreProvider and your routes.


This has been inspired by this delightful projects:

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