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MineStat is a Minecraft server status checker.

You can use these classes/modules in a monitoring script to poll multiple Minecraft servers or to let visitors see the status of your server from their browser. MineStat has been ported to multiple languages for use with ASP.NET, FastCGI, modperl, modphp, mod_python, Node.js, Rails, Tomcat, and more.

If you are planning to host MineStat on a shared webhost, make sure that the provider allows outbound sockets.

C# example

using System;

class Example { public static void Main() { MineStat ms = new MineStat("minecraft.frag.land", 25565); Console.WriteLine("Minecraft server status of {0} on port {1}:", ms.Address, ms.Port); if(ms.ServerUp) { Console.WriteLine("Server is online running version {0} with {1} out of {2} players.", ms.Version, ms.CurrentPlayers, ms.MaximumPlayers); Console.WriteLine("Message of the day: {0}", ms.Motd); Console.WriteLine("Latency: {0}ms", ms.Latency); } else Console.WriteLine("Server is offline!"); } }

Go example

package main

import "fmt" import "github.com/FragLand/minestat/minestat"

func main() { minestat.Init("minecraft.frag.land", "25565") fmt.Printf("Minecraft server status of %s on port %s:\n", minestat.Address, minestat.Port) if minestat.Online { fmt.Printf("Server is online running version %s with %s out of %s players.\n", minestat.Version, minestat.Current_players, minestat.Max_players) fmt.Printf("Message of the day: %s\n", minestat.Motd) fmt.Printf("Latency: %s\n", minestat.Latency) } else { fmt.Println("Server is offline!") } }

Java example

import land.Frag.MineStat;

class Example { public static void main(String[] args) { MineStat ms = new MineStat("minecraft.frag.land", 25565); System.out.println("Minecraft server status of " + ms.getAddress() + " on port " + ms.getPort() + ":"); if(ms.isServerUp()) { System.out.println("Server is online running version " + ms.getVersion() + " with " + ms.getCurrentPlayers() + " out of " + ms.getMaximumPlayers() + " players."); System.out.println("Message of the day: " + ms.getMotd()); System.out.println("Latency: " + ms.getLatency() + "ms"); } else System.out.println("Server is offline!"); } }

JavaScript example

// For use with Node.js
var ms = require('./minestat');
ms.init('minecraft.frag.land', 25565, function(result)
  console.log("Minecraft server status of " + ms.address + " on port " + ms.port + ":");
    console.log("Server is online running version " + ms.version + " with " + ms.current_players + " out of " + ms.max_players + " players.");
    console.log("Message of the day: " + ms.motd);
    console.log("Latency: " + ms.latency + "ms");
    console.log("Server is offline!");

PHP example

Note: MineStat for PHP requires multi-byte string support to handle character encoding conversion. Enabling

support can be as simple as installing the
package for your platform. If building PHP from source, see https://www.php.net/manual/en/mbstring.installation.php. To validate,
output will reference
if the feature is enabled.
$ms = new MineStat("minecraft.frag.land", 25565);
printf("Minecraft server status of %s on port %s:
", $ms->get_address(), $ms->get_port()); if($ms->is_online()) { printf("Server is online running version %s with %s out of %s players.
", $ms->get_version(), $ms->get_current_players(), $ms->get_max_players()); printf("Message of the day: %s
", $ms->get_motd()); printf("Latency: %sms
", $ms->get_latency()); } else { printf("Server is offline!
"); } ?>

Perl example

use lib '.';
use MineStat;

&MineStat::init("minecraft.frag.land", 25565); print "Minecraft server status of $MineStat::address on port $MineStat::port:\n"; if($MineStat::online) { print "Server is online running version $MineStat::version with $MineStat::current_players out of $MineStat::max_players players.\n"; print "Message of the day: $MineStat::motd\n"; print "Latency: ${MineStat::latency}ms\n"; } else { print "Server is offline!\n"; }

Python example

import minestat

ms = minestat.MineStat('minecraft.frag.land', 25565) print('Minecraft server status of %s on port %d:' % (ms.address, ms.port)) if ms.online: print('Server is online running version %s with %s out of %s players.' % (ms.version, ms.current_players, ms.max_players)) print('Message of the day: %s' % ms.motd) print('Latency: %sms' % ms.latency) else: print('Server is offline!')

Ruby example

Gem Version

To use the gem:

gem install minestat
require 'minestat'

ms = MineStat.new("minecraft.frag.land", 25565) puts "Minecraft server status of #{ms.address} on port #{ms.port}:" if ms.online puts "Server is online running version #{ms.version} with #{ms.current_players} out of #{ms.max_players} players." puts "Message of the day: #{ms.motd}" puts "Latency: #{ms.latency}ms" else puts "Server is offline!" end

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