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The Home repository is the starting point for people to learn about Fody, the project.

Fody is an extensible tool for weaving .net assemblies. It enables the manipulating the IL of an assembly as part of a build requires a significant amount of plumbing code. This plumbing code involves knowledge of both the MSBuild and Visual Studio APIs. Fody attempts to eliminate that plumbing code through an extensible add-in model. This technique is very powerful, for example you can turn simple properties into full INotifyPropertyChanged implementations, add checks for null arguments, add Method Timings, even make all your string comparisons case insensitive.

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Community backed

Fody requires significant effort to maintain. As such it relies on financial support to ensure its long term viability.

It is expected that all developers using Fody either become a Patron on OpenCollective, or have a Tidelift Subscription.

See Licensing/Patron FAQ for more information.

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Main Fody code repository

The codebase of core Fody engine located at

Chat on Gitter

The plumbing tasks Fody handles

  • Injection of the MSBuild task into the build pipeline
  • Resolving the location of the assembly and pdb
  • Abstracts the complexities of logging to MSBuild
  • Reads the assembly and pdb into the Mono.Cecil object model
  • Re-applying the strong name if necessary
  • Saving the assembly and pdb

Fody Uses Mono.Cecil and an add-in based approach to modifying the IL of .net assemblies at compile time.

  • No install required to build.
  • Attributes are optional depending on the weavers used.
  • No runtime dependencies need to be deployed.

Documentation and Further Learning


The name "Fody" comes from the small birds that belong to the weaver family Ploceidae.


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