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A list of Flutter resources that will help people get started with Flutter

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Flutter Resources

A list of Free Flutter resources that will help people get started with Flutter. Flutter



  • Flutter is Google’s UI toolkit for building beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase
  • Flutter Installation - Get Started by installing Flutter in your machine
  • Flutter for Beginners - Youtube playlist about building apps with Flutter
  • Dart for Beginners - Youtube playlist about the Dart programming language
  • Flutter Basics - Youtube playlist that teaches the basics and uses the learned knowledge to create a Time app
  • Http Requests - A medium article teaching how to make http requests to a server
  • Awesome Flutter Talk - is an Github repo that save a list of Youtube url about Flutter Talk from 2011 to 2020




UI Kit

  • Flutter Screens - Collection of nice flutter samples.
  • Flutter-UI-Kit - Collection of useful UIs in a UIKit.
  • FLUTTER UI CHALLENGE - Profile App, Book Reader App, Drink Shop App .
  • Beautiful Dashboard - Awesome Dashboard Component .
  • Gorgeous Login - Smooth Login Template .
  • Flutter Samples - Collection of Amazing flutter samples .
  • Starter Kit - Starter kit for beginners to learn Bloc pattern, RxDart, sqflite, Fluro and Dio .
  • Let's Clone - 18 Amazing Templates.
  • Payment App UI - Stunning Payment App UI.
  • ChatBot 🤖 - Incredible Chatbot using Flutter and Dialogflow.
  • Covid-19-Global-Mapper - Tracking Covid-19 cases on a Map based view.
  • GetWidget - GetWidget is open source libraries that come with pre-build 1000+ UI components.
  • NASA APOD - NASA APOD fetches data from NASA API and displays information.
  • Flutter Intro Slider - Flutter Intro Slider is a flutter plugin that helps you make a cool intro for your app
  • Flutter Rating Bar - A simple yet fully customizable rating bar for flutter which also include a rating bar indicator, supporting any fraction of rating.
  • E-Commerece Admin Side - Flutter + firebase full frontend and backend for managing E-Commerece
  • E-Commerce App UI - e-Commerce UI Kit has the goal to help you to save time with the frontend development. You can use this template to build your apps for Android and iOS in Flutter.
  • Trending Headlines - Trending Headlines using the NewsAPI to fetch latest data

Youtube Channels

  • Flutter - The official flutter channel is the best place to get started
  • The Net Ninja - One of the best channels for flutter in English
  • Sanskar Tiwari - A channel for beautiful UI and API integration.
  • Devefy - A channel for UI and flutter web tutorials
  • Raja Yogan - A channel for logical and Backend tutorials for flutter
  • The Flutter Way - A channel for creating beautiful UIs
  • Reso Coder - Reso Coder by [Matt Rešetár] Matt is an app developer with a knack for teaching others. Working as a Flutter freelancer and most importantly developer educator
  • Mtechviral - First Indian YouTuber who started flutter tutorials
  • Easy Approach - A great channel which teaches complex flutter concepts in a simple manner with short and crisp videos.
  • RetroPortal Studio - An amazing channel for UI and custom widgets development
  • Santos Enoque - Building an E-commerce app in Flutter
  • Academind - An entire crash course for beginners in Flutter
  • - A full tutorial for building iOS and Android apps in Flutter
  • Google Developers - A playlist of Flutter guides from Google themselves
  • Afgprogrammer - An extremely helpful channel for user interface design.
  • Techie Blossom - Showing tutorial videos for industry standard apps using flutter.
  • FilledStacks - A Channel for Flutter Production Code
  • ReactBits - Flutter + Appwrite Tutorial Series
  • Flutter Explained - The Wikipedia For Flutter development
  • Flutter in Practice - Practical programming course for beginners
  • Desi programmer - Here you can also get some tutorials in Hindi
  • Ovidius Mazuru - A Channel for beginners in Flutter to have a strong fundamental understanding
  • CodeX - CodeX shares tutorial videos related to Mobile Application Development and other programming aspects. If you're student, beginner programmer or even expert developer consider subscribing the channel to be updated with latest of Mobile development.
  • Reso Coder - Reso Coder by [Matt Rešetár] Matt is an app developer with a knack for teaching others. Working as a Flutter freelancer and most importantly developer educator.
  • Babbar CODE HELP - Have a Flutter Series 2020 playlist in Hindi (Project Based Learning) .
  • Marcus Ng - Marcus gives amazing tutorials for web & mobile responsive UI.
  • Mitch Koko - This channel has some awesome small games implemented in Flutter with really cool UIs.
  • Raja Yogan - A channel for flutter + firebase tutorials, you will learn how to make automated push notification.
  • Johannes Milke - A useful channel with short, helpful videos to learn about Flutter widgets & other cool stuff.
  • Code With Andrea - A helpful channel to learn Dart & Flutter. Andrea, the instructor explains well.
  • Osama Asif - This channel has some awesome content in Flutter.
  • London App Brewery - The best channel to learn Flutter.
  • Hitesh Choudhary - A great playlist to learn Bloc.
  • Tech with Tim - Great tutorials for beginners.



Animation Plugins

  • Dough - Let's create Squishy UI.
  • Animation Set - Simplified Flutter stagger animation.
  • Spinkit - A Collection of loading indicators animated with flutter.
  • Drawing Animation - Create Drawing Animations by SVG paths .
  • Simple Animation -Simple Animations is a powerful framework to create beautiful custom animations in no time.
  • Animated Text Kit - A collection of some cool and awesome text animations.

Machine Learning

  • TFLite - A Flutter plugin for accessing TensorFlow Lite. Supports both iOS and Android.
  • SpeechtoText - A Flutter plugin that exposes device specific speech to text recognition capability.
  • FirebaseMLVision - Flutter plugin for Firebase machine learning vision services.
  • Edge_Detection - A flutter plugin to detect edges of objects, scan paper, detect corner, detect rectangle. It allows cropping of the detected object image and returns the path of the cropped image.

Best Pratices

  • State Management Grand Tour - An article/video explaining the different state management approaches and why you should not use setState
  • Safe Async - An article that teaches how to make FutureBuilder/StreamBuilder properly
  • Performance - Official Flutter documentation on how to make your Flutter app as performant as possible
  • Stateless Widget vs Widget Function - A StackOverFlow answer explaining why its better to use Stateless Widgets to build reusable widgets.
  • Style Guides - A Github Wiki showing the style guides for a Flutter project
  • Best Practices - An article that shows the best practices in Flutter
  • Responsive Design in Flutter - An article about how to create a responsive design that works for all devices like phones, web and desktop

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