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age is a simple, modern and secure file encryption tool, format, and library.

It features small explicit keys, no config options, and UNIX-style composability.

$ age-keygen -o key.txt
Public key: age1ql3z7hjy54pw3hyww5ayyfg7zqgvc7w3j2elw8zmrj2kg5sfn9aqmcac8p
$ tar cvz ~/data | age -r age1ql3z7hjy54pw3hyww5ayyfg7zqgvc7w3j2elw8zmrj2kg5sfn9aqmcac8p > data.tar.gz.age
$ age -d -i key.txt data.tar.gz.age > data.tar.gz

The format specification is at To discuss the spec or other age related topics, please email the mailing list at [email protected] age was designed by @Benjojo12 and @FiloSottile.

An alternative interoperable Rust implementation is available at


    age -r RECIPIENT [-a] [-o OUTPUT] [INPUT]
    age --decrypt [-i KEY] [-o OUTPUT] [INPUT]

Options: -o, --output OUTPUT Write the result to the file at path OUTPUT. -a, --armor Encrypt to a PEM encoded format. -p, --passphrase Encrypt with a passphrase. -r, --recipient RECIPIENT Encrypt to the specified RECIPIENT. Can be repeated. -d, --decrypt Decrypt the input to the output. -i, --identity KEY Use the private key file at path KEY. Can be repeated.

INPUT defaults to standard input, and OUTPUT defaults to standard output.

RECIPIENT can be an age public key, as generated by age-keygen, ("age1...") or an SSH public key ("ssh-ed25519 AAAA...", "ssh-rsa AAAA...").

KEY is a path to a file with age secret keys, one per line (ignoring "#" prefixed comments and empty lines), or to an SSH key file. Multiple keys can be provided, and any unused ones will be ignored.

Multiple recipients

Files can be encrypted to multiple recipients by repeating

. Every recipient will be able to decrypt the file.
$ age -o example.jpg.age -r age1ql3z7hjy54pw3hyww5ayyfg7zqgvc7w3j2elw8zmrj2kg5sfn9aqmcac8p \
    -r age1lggyhqrw2nlhcxprm67z43rta597azn8gknawjehu9d9dl0jq3yqqvfafg example.jpg


Files can be encrypted with a passphrase by using

. By default age will automatically generate a secure passphrase. Passphrase protected files are automatically detected at decrypt time.
$ age -p secrets.txt > secrets.txt.age
Enter passphrase (leave empty to autogenerate a secure one):
Using the autogenerated passphrase "release-response-step-brand-wrap-ankle-pair-unusual-sword-train".
$ age -d secrets.txt.age > secrets.txt
Enter passphrase:

SSH keys

As a convenience feature, age also supports encrypting to

SSH public keys, and decrypting with the respective private key file. (
is not supported.)
$ cat ~/.ssh/
ssh-ed25519 AAAAC3NzaC1lZDI1NTE5AAAAIIZDRcvS8PnhXr30WKSKmf7WKKi92ACUa5nW589WukJz [email protected]
$ age -r "ssh-ed25519 AAAAC3NzaC1lZDI1NTE5AAAAIIZDRcvS8PnhXr30WKSKmf7WKKi92ACUa5nW589WukJz" example.jpg > example.jpg.age
$ age -d -i ~/.ssh/id_ed25519 example.jpg.age > example.jpg

Note that SSH key support employs more complex cryptography, and embeds a public key tag in the encrypted file, making it possible to track files that are encrypted to a specific public key.


On macOS or Linux, you can use Homebrew:

brew tap
brew install age

On Windows, Linux, and macOS, you can use the pre-built binaries.

If your system has Go 1.13+, you can build from source:

git clone && cd age
go build -o .

On Arch Linux, age is available from AUR as


git clone
cd age
makepkg -si

On OpenBSD -current and 6.7+, you can use the port:

pkg_add age

On all supported versions of FreeBSD, you can build the security/age port or use pkg:

pkg install age

Help from new packagers is very welcome.

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