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Simulate electronic circuit using Python and the Ngspice / Xyce simulators

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PySpice : Simulate Electronic Circuit using Python and the Ngspice / Xyce Simulators

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Quick Links

  • Production Branch 
  • Devel Branch 
  • Travis CI 
  • [email protected] 
  • conda-forge/pyspice 
  • [email protected] 
  • Ngspice 
  • Ngspice Bug Tracker 
  • Xyce of Sandia National Laboratories 

Brief Notes

Thanks to

_, PySpice now has a Forum hosted at

Disclaimer: PySpice is developed on my free time actually, so I could be busy with other tasks and less reactive.

An issue was found with NgSpice Shared, we must

setlocale(LC_NUMERIC, "C");


What is PySpice ?

PySpice is a Python module which interface |Python|_ to the |Ngspice|_ and |Xyce|_ circuit simulators.

Where is the Documentation ?

The documentation is available on the |PySpiceHomePage|_.

Note: This site is hosted on my own infrastructure, if the site seems done, please create an issue to notify me.

Where to get help or talk about PySpice ?

Thanks to

_, PySpice now has a Forum hosted at

What are the main features ?

  • support Ngspice and Xyce circuit simulators
  • support Linux, Windows and Mac OS X platforms
  • licensed under GPLv3 therms
  • implement an Ngspice shared library binding using CFFI which support external sources
  • implement (partial) SPICE netlist parser
  • implement an Oriented Object API to define circuit
  • export simulation output to |Numpy|_ arrays
  • plot using |Matplotlib|_
  • handle units
  • work with Kicad schematic editor
  • implement a documentation generator
  • provides many examples

How to install it ?

Look at the

_ section in the documentation.

Pull Request Recommendation

To make it easier to merge your pull request, you should divide your PR into smaller and easier-to-verify units.

Please do not make a pull requests with a lot of modifications which are difficult to check. If I merge pull requests blindly then there is a high risk this software will become a mess quickly for everybody.



Fabrice Salvaire 
_ and


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V1.5.0 (development release)

V1.4.3 (production release) 2020-07-04

A huge effort, thanks to @stuarteberg Stuart Berg, has been made to make Ngspice and PySpice available on Anaconda (conda-forge) for the Window, OSX and Linux platforms. Thanks to the conda-forge continuous integration platform, we can now run unit tests and the examples on theses platforms automatically. Hope this will make the software more robust and easier to run !

  • PySpice is now available on Anaconda(conda-forge) as well as a wheel on PyPI
  • Added a post installation tool to download the Ngspice DLL on Windows and to check the installation. It should now simplify considerably the PySpice installation on Windows.
  • This tool can also download the examples and the Ngspice PDF manual.
  • On Linux and OSX, a Ngspice package is now available on Anaconda(conda-forge). Note that theses two platforms do not download a binary from Ngspice since a compiler can easily be installed on theses platforms.
  • Updated installation documentation for Linux, the main distributions now provide a ngspice shared package.

  • Added a front-end web site so as to keep older releases documentation available on the web.

  • fixed and rebuilt all examples (but mistakes could happen ...)

  • examples are now available as Python files and Jupyter notebooks (but some issues must be fixed, e.g. due to the way Jupyter handles Matplotlib plots)

  • support NgSpice 32 API (no change)

  • removed @[email protected] in PySpice/, beacause it breaks pip install from git

  • fixed some logging spams

  • fixed NonLinearVoltageSource

  • fixed Unicode issue with °C (° is Extended ASCII)

  • fixed ffistringutf8 for UnicodeDecodeError

  • fixed logging formater for OSX (removed ANSI codes)

  • reworded "Invalid plot name" exception

  • removed diacritics in example filenames

  • cir2py has been converted to an entry point so as to work on all platforms

  • updated Matplotlib subplots in examples

  • added a unit example

  • added a NMOS example (thanks to cyber-g) cf. #221

V1.4.0 2020-05-05

This release is yanked due to broken Windows support.

  • fixed nasty issue with NgSpice shared for
    setlocale(LC_NUMERIC, "C");
    cf. #172
  • fixed
    for new NgSpice syntax
  • fixed
  • fixed
  • fixed docstrings for element shortcut methods (thanks to Kyle Dunn) #178
  • fixed parser for leading whitespace (thanks to Matt Huszagh) #182
  • fix for PyYAML newer API
  • support NgSpice 31 API (no change)
  • added check for
  • added
    tool to help to fix broken installation
  • added pole-zero, noise, distorsion, transfer-function analyses (thanks to Peter Garrone) #191
  • added
    support (thanks to ceprio) #160
  • added
    parameter to
  • added
    command method to
  • added Xyce Mosfet nfin #177

V1.3.2 2019-03-11

  • support Ngspice 30 and Xyce 6.10
  • fixed NgSpice and Xyce support on Windows 10
  • bug fixes

V1.2.0 2018-06-07

  • Initial support of the |Xyce|_ simulator. Xyce is an open source, SPICE-compatible, high-performance analog circuit simulator, capable of solving extremely large circuit problems developed at Sandia National Laboratories. Xyce will make PySpice suitable for industry and research use.
  • Fixed OSX support
  • Splitted G device
  • Implemented partially
    XSPICE device
  • Implemented missing transmission line devices
  • Implemented high level current sources Notice: Some classes were renamed !
  • Implemented node kwarg e.g. :code:
    circuit.Q(1, base=1, collector=2, emitter=3, model='npn')
  • Implemented raw spice pass through (see
    User FAQ 
  • Implemented access to internal parameters (cf. :code:
    save @device[parameter]
  • Implemented check for missing ground node
  • Implemented a way to disable an element and clone netlist
  • Improved SPICE parser
  • Improved unit support:

    • Implemented unit prefix cast
      to easily convert values
    • Added
      , ... shortcuts
    • Added Numpy array support to unit, see
      Notice: this new feature could be buggy !!!
    • Rebased
  • Fixed node order so as to not confuse users Now PySpice matches SPICE order for two ports elements !

  • Fixed device shortcuts in

  • Fixed model kwarg for BJT Notice: it must be passed exclusively as kwarg !

  • Fixed subcircuit nesting

  • Outsourced documentation generator to |Pyterate|_

  • Updated
    for wheel

.. :ref:


V1.1.0 2017-09-06

  • Enhanced shared mode
  • Shared mode is now set as default on Linux

V1.0.0 2017-09-06

  • Bump version to v1.0.0 since it just works!
  • Support Windows platform using Ngspice shared mode
  • Fixed shared mode
  • Fixed and completed Spice parser : tested on example's libraries


  • Fixed Spice parser for lower case device prefix.

V0.4.0 2017-07-31

  • Git repository cleanup: filtered generated doc and useless files so as to shrink the repository size.
  • Improved documentation generator: Implemented :code:
    for RST content and Tikz figure.
  • Improved unit support: It implements now the International System of Units. And we can now use unit helper like :code:
    or compute the value of :code:
    [email protected]_kΩ / [email protected]_mA
    . The relevant documentation is on this
  • Added the Simulation instance to the Analysis class.
  • Refactored simulation parameters as classes.

V0.3.2 2017-02-22

  • fixed CCCS and CCVS

V0.3.1 2017-02-22

  • fixed ngspice shared

V0.3.0 2015-12-08

  • Added an example to show how to use the NgSpice Shared Simulation Mode.
  • Completed the Spice netlist parser and added examples, we could now use a schematic editor to define the circuit. The program cir2py translates a circuit file to Python.

V0 2014-03-21

Started project

.. End

.. End

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