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Qt Virtual machines manager

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Main widget

A GUI application for managing virtual machines.

Known issues:

1. If failures occur in connections that are using ssh,
   you must ensure that in the system installed ssh
   and an application like ssh-askpass for your DE,
   also the environment variable SSH_ASKPASS was set.
   For example: SSH_ASKPASS=/usr/bin/ksshaskpass
   You can do it in $HOME/.bash_profile file at least.

  1. Adding devices implemented partially.

  2. In Spice client viewer:

    • the Smartcard manager is not implemented yet.

Building parameters:

if not defined or equal 5, then will build with Qt5,
if equal 4, then with Qt4 (last supported version 0.42.67)

WITH_LIBCACARD if defined and above zero, then libcacard.h required and will used SpiceSmartcard Channel for smartcards

USE_SPICE_AUDIO if not defined or above zero, then will used Spice[Playback/Record] Channels for audio

WITH_SPICE_SUPPORT if not defined or above zero, then will build with SPICE

WITH_VNC_SUPPORT if not defined or above zero, then will build with VNC

WITH_LXC_SUPPORT if not defined or above zero, then will build with LXC

Build requires:

* with Qt4              (optional, BUILD_QT_VERSION=4)

  • with Qt5 (default, BUILD_QT_VERSION=5) libQt5Core.so libQt5Gui.so libQt5Multimedia.so libQt5Svg.so libQt5Widgets.so libQt5Xml.so libQt5Network.so libqtermwidget5.so

libcacard.so (optional, WITH_LIBCACARD)

libgio-2.0.so libglib-2.0.so libgmodule-2.0.so libgobject-2.0.so libgthread-2.0.so libspice-client-glib-2.0.so libvncclient.so libvirt.so

libkrdccore.so (optional, if building occures on Linux)


for OS X

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