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Seq2Seq, Bert, Transformer, WaveNet for time series prediction.

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Deep Learning Models for time series prediction.


  • [x] Seq2Seq / Attention
  • [x] WaveNet
  • [ ] Bert / Transformer

Quick Start

from deepseries.models import Wave2Wave, RNN2RNN
from deepseries.train import Learner
from import Value, create_seq2seq_data_loader, forward_split
from deepseries.nn import RMSE, MSE
import deepseries.functional as F
import numpy as np
import torch

batch_size = 16 enc_len = 36 dec_len = 12 series_len = 1000

epoch = 100 lr = 0.001

valid_size = 12 test_size = 12

series = np.sin(np.arange(0, series_len)) + np.random.normal(0, 0.1, series_len) + np.log2(np.arange(1, series_len+1)) series = series.reshape(1, 1, -1)

train_idx, valid_idx = forward_split(np.arange(series_len), enc_len=enc_len, valid_size=valid_size+test_size) valid_idx, test_idx = forward_split(valid_idx, enc_len, test_size)

mask test, will not be used for calculating mean/std.

mask = np.zeros_like(series).astype(bool) mask[:, :, test_idx] = False series, mu, std = F.normalize(series, axis=2, fillna=True, mask=mask)

create train/valid dataset

train_dl = create_seq2seq_data_loader(series[:, :, train_idx], enc_len, dec_len, sampling_rate=0.1, batch_size=batch_size, seq_last=True, device='cuda') valid_dl = create_seq2seq_data_loader(series[:, :, valid_idx], enc_len, dec_len, batch_size=batch_size, seq_last=True, device='cuda')

define model

wave = Wave2Wave(target_size=1, num_layers=6, num_blocks=1, dropout=0.1, loss_fn=RMSE()) wave.cuda() opt = torch.optim.Adam(wave.parameters(), lr=lr)

train model

wave_learner = Learner(wave, opt, root_dir="./wave", ), train_dl=train_dl, valid_dl=valid_dl, early_stopping=True, patient=16)

load best model


predict and show result

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt wave_preds = wave_learner.model.predict(torch.tensor(series[:, :, test_idx[:-12]]).float().cuda(), 12).cpu().numpy().reshape(-1)

plt.plot(series[:, :, -48:-12].reshape(-1)) plt.plot(np.arange(36, 48), wave_preds, label="wave2wave preds") plt.plot(np.arange(36, 48), series[:, :, test_idx[-12:]].reshape(-1), label="target") plt.legend()

More examples will be update in example folder soon.


I will test model performence in Kaggle or other data science competition. It will comming soon.


git clone
cd Deep-Time-Series-Prediction
python install


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