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:imagesdir: pics [.text-center] image::ElmerLogoPlain64x64.png[float="right"] == Elmer FEM

This is the official source code repository for the Elmer FEM software suite.

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[.text-justify] Elmer is a finite element software for numerical solution of partial differential equations. Elmer is capable of handling any number of equations and is therefore ideally suited for the simulation of multiphysical problems. It includes models, for example, of structural mechanics, fluid dynamics, heat transfer and electromagnetics. Users can also write their own equations that can be dynamically linked with the main program.

Elmer consists of several parts. The most important ones are ElmerSolver the finite element solver, ElmerGUI the graphical user interface, and ElmerGrid the mesh creation and manipulation tool. Also a visualization tool, ElmerPost, is included in the package but it is no longer developed.

=== Download binaries

You may download binaries and virtual machines from[here].

=== Docker

  • nwrichmond/elmerice:[Docker Hub],[more info]
  • unifem/Elmer-desktop:[GitHub]
  • CoSci-LLC/docker-elmerice:[Docker Hub],[GitHub]

=== Documentation

You may find the PDFs for the documentation[here].

=== Compiling

==== macOS

  • Download this repository either az a zip file via GitHub or using
    git clone
  • Go to the downloaded directory
    mkdir build
    cd build
  • Install Homebrew
  • Install GCC
    brew install gcc
  • Install CMake
    brew install cmake
  • Without MPI: **
    cmake .. -D WITH_OpenMP:BOOLEAN=TRUE
  • With MPI: ** Install OpenMPI
    brew install open-mpi
  • With ElmerGUI: ** install qt4 with
    brew install cartr/qt4/[email protected]
    ** install qwt with
    brew install cartr/qt4/qwt-qt4
  • With ElmerPost: **
    brew cask install xquartz
    ** ....
  • make
  • make install

==== Ubuntu

  • Download the source code and create
    directory as above
  • Install the dependencies
    sudo apt install git cmake build-essential gfortran libopenmpi-dev libblas-dev liblapack-dev
  • Without MPI: **
    cmake .. -DWITH_OpenMP:BOOLEAN=TRUE
  • With MPI: **
  • With ElmerGUI: **
    sudo apt install libqt4-dev libqwt-dev
  • With Elmer/Ice (enabling netcdf and MUMPS): **
    sudo apt install libnetcdf-dev libnetcdff-dev libmumps-dev
  • make
  • sudo make install
  • The executables are in
    folder, you may add this to your PATH if you will

=== Licensing

image:["License: GPL v2", link=] image:["License: LGPL v2.1", link=]

[.text-justify] Elmer software is licensed under GPL except for the ElmerSolver library which is licensed under LGPL license. Elmer is mainly developed at CSC - IT Center for Science, Finland. However, there have been numerous contributions from other organizations and developers as well, and the project is open for new contributions. More information about Elmer's licensing link:license_texts/ElmerLicensePolicy.txt[here].

=== Package managers

[.text-center] image::["Packaging status", link=]

==== Chocolatey

[.text-center] image:["Chocolatey", link=]

=== Social

[.text-justify] Here on[this Discord channel] you may ask for help or dicuss different Elmer related matters:

[.text-center] image::["Discord Chat", link=]

Follow ElmerFEM on Twitter:

[.text-center] image:["Twitter Follow", link=] image:["Twitter Follow", link=] image:["Twitter Follow", link=]

Ask your questions on Reddit:

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=== Computational Glaciology "Elmer/Ice"

  •[Elmer/Ice community web site]
  •[Elmer/Ice README]

=== Other links

  •[Elmer Blog]
  •[official CSC homepage]
  • forum
  •[Updates maling list]
  •[Elmer at sourceforge (deprecated)] image:["Download Elmer", link=]
  • image:["LinkedIn badge", link=][LinkedIn]
  •[VM and Windows builds]

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