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A template for making a Google Chrome Extension, using Twitter Bootstrap 3.

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Chrome Extension Twitter Bootstrap 3 Template

A template for making a Google Chrome Extension, using Twitter Bootstrap 3.


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Getting Started

This package has been made to quickly get yourself up and running with making a new Google Chrome extension. The basic structure of this package is as follows:

- css/
    -- bootstrap.min (Edited, please see "important notes")
    -- custom.css (Contains small style tweaks, edit this file at your will)
- fonts/
    -- glyphicons-halflings-regular.eot
    -- glyphicons-halflings-regular.svg
    -- glyphicons-halflings-regular (TrueType font file)
    -- glyphicons-halflings-regular.woff
- img/
    -- icon16.png
    -- icon48.png
    -- icon128.png
        --- Please note, this is just a filler image for your extension.
- js/
    -- bootstrap.min
    -- jquery-2.0.3.min
- manifest.json
- popup.html


  • Please either clone this repository or download as a ZIP file.
  • Extract the contents into your preferred working directory.
  • Open your Google Chrome browser.
  • Enter
    into the address bar.
  • Ensure "Developer Mode" is ticked/enabled in the top right.
  • Click on "Load unpacked extension...".
  • Navigate to your extracted directory, and click "OK".
  • Your basic extension template should now be alongside your address bar, showing the Google Chrome logo.

Important Notes

Please note, the Bootstrap 3 CSS file has been modified to disable the standard responsive features Bootstrap 3 offers. Since the maximum width an extension can be is 800px (without overflow), the content and navbar are shrunk into a mobile format when the extension is below 769px. These changes disable this, to allow your extension to function properly whatever size you wish it to be.

Please visit:



This package is standalone. Please visit the Google Developer documentation if you wish to know more about Extension creating:

Files to edit

The main files you will need to edit are:


  • This contains all of your extension information.
  • As an example, the storage permission has been added.
  • The default popup window for this extension is called
  • Google Analytics tracking requirement has also been added.


  • Contains the basic HTML boilerplate, edit at your will.
  • A standard (non-responsive) navbar is enabled.
  • The main content area is wrapped inside


  • Contains extension height and width.
  • Once the extension breaks the height overflow, a styled CSS scroll bar is added.
  • Style tweaks are also present to deal with scroll bar presence.

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