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The Elemental Battles Tutorial is divided into easy to follow lessons that take you through the process of creating your own fully-functional blockchain-based dApp.

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Elemental Battles Tutorial Lessons

The Elemental Battles Tutorial is divided into easy to follow lessons that take you through the process of creating your own fully-functional blockchain-based dApp.

Each lesson will introduce new concepts and showcase how to include them in the existing code. Additionally, we will display explanations and source code side-by-side to make following the tutorial easy.

About this repository

This repository contains the source code used in each of the tutorial lesson. Each lesson's code are stored in a branch. You can find all the lesson branches from the list below.


  • v1.1.12
    • Updated eos to v2.0.5
    • Updated README, added Contributing, CopyrightNotice and ImportantNotice files
  • v1.1.11
    • Moved 'contracts' folder to root
  • v1.1.10
    • Removed EOSIO_DISPATCH from smart contracts
  • v1.1.9
    • Updated deploy_contract script to work with new abi behaviour in eosio cdt 1.6.3
  • v1.1.8
    • eos 2.0.0, eosjs 20.0.3, react 16.12.0, react-dom 16.12.0, react-redux 7.1.3, react scripts 3.3.0, redux 4.0.5
  • v1.1.7
    • eosio cdt 1.6.3 and change deprecated eosiolib header
  • v1.1.6
    • eos 1.8.6
  • v1.1.5
    • Update sample.cpp to make it deployable and compatible with new eos / cdt releases
  • v1.1.4
    • react 16.11.0, react-dom 16.11.0, react-modal 3.11.1, react-redux 7.1.1, react-scripts 3.2.0, redux 4.0.4, npm-run-all 4.1.5
  • v1.1.3
    • eos 1.8.1
  • v1.1.2
    • eos 1.8.0
  • v1.1.1
    • eos 1.7.3, eosio.cdt 1.6.1, eosjs 20.0.0
  • v1.1.0
    • Introduce eosio.cdt, use eosio-cpp instead of eosiocpp for the compiler
    • Use own docker image which is built using the binary instead of downloading from docker hub as the eosio/eos-dev in docker hub is deprecated
    • eos 1.6.0, eosio.cdt 1.5.0, eosjs 20.0.0-beta3

Lesson List

Lesson 0: Before You Start

Lesson 1: Smart Contract and Frontend Setup

Lesson 2: Storing State and Login

Lesson 3: Reading State from the Blockchain

Lesson 4: Elemental Battles Core

Lesson 5: Elemental Battles AI

Lesson 6: Playing a Round and Elemental Compatibility

Lesson 7: Building the Game Flow

Lesson 8: Wrapping Up The Game


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