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XML Tools for Visual Studio Code

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XML Tools for Visual Studio Code

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  • VS Code
    or higher

Extension Settings

  • xmlTools.enableXmlTreeView
    Enables the XML Tree View for XML documents.
  • xmlTools.enableXmlTreeViewMetadata
    Enables attribute and child element counts in the XML Document view.
  • xmlTools.enableXmlTreeViewCursorSync
    Enables auto-reveal of elements in the XML Document view when a start tag is clicked in the editor.
  • xmlTools.enforcePrettySelfClosingTagOnFormat
    Ensures a space is added before the forward slash at the end of a self-closing tag.
  • xmlTools.ignoreDefaultNamespace
    Ignore default xmlns attributes when evaluating XPath.
  • xmlTools.persistXPathQuery
    Remember the last XPath query used.
  • xmlTools.removeCommentsOnMinify
    Remove XML comments during minification.
  • xmlTools.splitAttributesOnFormat
    Put each attribute on a new line when formatting XML. Overrides
    if set to
    . (V2 Formatter Only)
  • xmlTools.splitXmlnsOnFormat
    Put each xmlns attribute on a new line when formatting XML.
  • xmlTools.xmlFormatterImplementation
    Supported XML Formatters:
  • xmlTools.xqueryExecutionArguments
    Arguments to be passed to the XQuery execution engine.
  • xmlTools.xqueryExecutionEngine
    The full path to the executable to run when executing XQuery scripts.

Release Notes

Detailed release notes are available here.


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Icon Credits

Icons used in the XML Tree View are used under the Creative Commons 3.0 BY license. * "Code" icon by Dave Gandy from www.flaticon.com * "At" icon by FreePik from www.flaticon.com

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