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Convolutional Neural Networks for Sentence Classification(TextCNN) implements by TensorFlow

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text-cnn hb-research

This code implements Convolutional Neural Networks for Sentence Classification models.

  • Figure 1: Illustration of a CNN architecture for sentence classification



Project Structure

init Project by hb-base

├── config                  # Config files (.yml, .json) using with hb-config
├── data                    # dataset path
├── notebooks               # Prototyping with numpy or tf.interactivesession
├── scripts                 # download or prepare dataset using shell scripts
├── text-cnn                # text-cnn architecture graphs (from input to logits)
    ├── __init__.py             # Graph logic
├── data_loader.py          # raw_date -> precossed_data -> generate_batch (using Dataset)
├── hook.py                 # training or test hook feature (eg. print_variables)
├── main.py                 # define experiment_fn
├── model.py                # define EstimatorSpec
└── predict.py              # test trained model       

Reference : hb-config, Dataset, experiments_fn, EstimatorSpec


  • apply embed_type
    • CNN-rand
    • CNN-static
    • CNN-nonstatic
    • CNN-multichannel


example: kaggle_movie_review.yml

  type: 'kaggle_movie_review'
  base_path: 'data/'
  raw_data_path: 'kaggle_movie_reviews/'
  processed_path: 'kaggle_processed_data'
  testset_size: 25000
  num_classes: 5
  PAD_ID: 0

model: batch_size: 64 embed_type: 'rand' #(rand, static, non-static, multichannel) pretrained_embed: "" embed_dim: 300 num_filters: 256 filter_sizes: - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 dropout: 0.5

train: learning_rate: 0.00005

train_steps: 100000 model_dir: 'logs/kaggle_movie_review'

save_checkpoints_steps: 1000 loss_hook_n_iter: 1000 check_hook_n_iter: 1000 min_eval_frequency: 1000

slack: webhook_url: "" # after training notify you using slack-webhook


Install requirements.

pip install -r requirements.txt

Then, prepare dataset and train it.

sh prepare_kaggle_movie_reviews.sh
python main.py --config kaggle_movie_review --mode train_and_evaluate

After training, you can try typing the sentences what you want using


python python predict.py --config rt-polarity

Predict example

python predict.py --config rt-polarity
Setting max_seq_length to Config : 62
load vocab ...
Typing anything :)

> good 1 > bad 0

Experiments modes

:whitecheckmark: : Working
:whitemediumsmall_square: : Not tested yet.

  • :whitecheckmark:
    : Evaluate on the evaluation data.
  • :whitemediumsmallsquare: `extendtrain_hooks` : Extends the hooks for training.
  • :whitemediumsmallsquare: `resetexportstrategies` : Resets the export strategies with the newexport_strategies.
  • :whitemediumsmallsquare: `runstd_server` : Starts a TensorFlow server and joins the serving thread.
  • :whitemediumsmall_square:
    : Tests training, evaluating and exporting the estimator for a single step.
  • :whitecheckmark:
    : Fit the estimator using the training data.
  • :whitecheckmark:
    : Interleaves training and evaluation.


tensorboard --logdir logs
  • Category Color


  • rt-polarity (binary classification)


  • kagglemoviereview (multiclass classification)



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