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dionaea - catches bugs

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Dionaea is meant to be a nepenthes successor, embedding python as scripting language, using libemu to detect shellcodes, supporting ipv6 and tls.


  • blackhole
  • epmap
  • ftp
  • http
  • memcache
  • mirror
  • mqtt
  • mssql
  • mysql
  • pptp
  • sip
  • smb
  • tftp
  • upnp


  • fail2ban
  • hpfeeds
  • log_json
  • log_sqlit



  • dionaea: GPLv2+
  • pyev(modules/python/pyev): GPLv3+
  • tftp service(modules/python/tftp.py): CNRI Python License (incompatible with GPL)
  • parts of ftp service(modules/python/ftp.py): MIT (compatible with GPL)

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