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Starter for Express, React, Redux, SCSS applications

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DEPRECATED. This project is not maintained anymore.

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Starter for Express, React, Redux, SCSS applications


  • Webpack development and production environment configuration
  • Webpack SCSS configuration
  • React Hot loader
  • React Router configuration
  • React, Redux configuration
  • Testing environment configured with Mocha and Chai
  • Linting with Airbnb eslint configuration

Getting Started

Clone Repo

git clone

npm install dependencies

cd express-react-redux-starter 

npm install

Start development server with hot reloading

npm run dev


Run test once

npm run test

Test watch

npm run test:watch


For linting i'm using Eslint with Airbnb Eslint configuration

npm run lint


Build for production

npm run build

Start production server

npm run start

Note: I'm using pm2 for production server, you should install it on server via 'npm install pm2 -g'. if you don't want to use pm2, just change pm2 with node in package.json file in scripts section.


contributions are welcome!



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