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NoDevFee Ethereum Miner Stratum Protocol DevFee Remover (Redirector)

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How to use:

  • Copy
    to miner directory (in same directory with
  • Create bat file and use it
    nodevfee.exe EthDcrMiner64.exe YOUR_USUAL_PARAMETERS


nodevfee.exe EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal 0xcb4effdeb46479caa0fef5f5e3569e4852f753a2.worker1 -epsw x -r 1
- To make it work after miner restart add option
-r 1
to bat file and create reboot.bat with exactly same parameters
nodevfee.exe EthDcrMiner64.exe YOUR_USUAL_PARAMETERS -r 1
- To set wallet directly create file
with your wallet address inside. Note: might be needed to work with
. - Create
file in same directory to enable logging / delete to disable. - To work with 3rd party miners create
with your miner file name inside; run
without parameters; run your miner as usual (without
before miner). Note:
should keep running;
and all config files should be in same directory as your miner.
- Executable / config file rename is possible. Format:
. Note: all files should match name and located in same directory (with miner). - To redirect devfee pools to your main pool create file

Example (redirecting pools to


PoolCount (including main pool N + 1)
MainPoolAddress MainPoolPort (space between address and port not colon)
DevFeePool1Address DevFeePool1Port
DevFeePool2Address DevFeePool2Port
DevFeePoolNAddress DevFeePoolNPort

WinDivert version:

  • 3.6 -
    • Output delay config.
    • Error message keyword / press any key after critical.
    • Add missing administrator rights request.
  • 3.5 -
    • Log saves to file each 10 seconds instead of instantly (might improve performance).
    • Faster string (packet) pattern search (might improve performance).
    • Tweaked WinDivert filter format (might improve performance).
    • Tweaked / fixed log format.
    • Show / hide console feature.
    • Project files (VS2015) included with source code.
  • 3.3 -
  • 3.2 -
  • 3.1 -
  • 3.0 -
  • 2.2 -
  • 2.1 -
  • 1.0 -

file format:
Main Wallet (only ethereum 42 character long wallet, username support will be in future releases)
NoDevFee Wallet (can be different from main)
NoDevFee Worker (not supported now, for future releases)
NoDevFee Protocol (ESM protocol, not supported now, for future releases)
Main Pool Count (list of all your main pools, more than 1 if you are using failover)
Main Pool Address Port
DevFee Pool Count (pool list which will be redirected to your last used main pool)
DevFee Pool Address Port
NoDevFee Pool Count (can be 0, used to redirect devfee to another pool)
NoDevFee Pool Address Port
Log Level (0 - no log, 1 - console log, 2 - console & file log (default), 
3 - verbose packet log (for troubleshooting), 4 - full packet log (not recommended))
Show Console (0 - hide, 1 - show)
Output Delay (log file output delay in seconds, 10 - default)

Can be run without

if you dont need redirection. Your Main Wallet and NoDevFee Wallet will be deduced from first authorization packet. If used config file should be strict format as mentioned above.

No need to inject, no need any config files, can be located at any folder, just run

, run your miner as usual (without
should keep running.

divert version is based on WinDivert driver by basil00 which is using Windows Filtering Platform. It is low level driver which intercepts and modifies network traffic. Should be less detectable and overall better approach as there is no direct interaction with miner (no dll injection, no memory modification (no winapi function hooks)).

SSL not supported (both versions).

Project suspended (no plans to update).

Use gpu memory timings (straps) on any miner - cmdrv64 Close Driver Handle -


  • minhook - The Minimalistic x86/x64 API Hooking Library for Windows (Tsuda Kageyu)
  • WinDivert - Windows Packet Divert (basil00)

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