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implement of prioritized experience replay

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Prioritized Experience Replay


  1. in Experience.stroe give a simple description of store replay memory, or you can also refer
  2. It's more convenient to store replay as format (state1, action1, reward, state_2, terminal). If we use this method, all replay memory in Experience are legal and can be sampled as we like.
  3. run it with python3/python2.7


use binary heap tree as priority queue, and build an Experience class to store and retrieve the sample

* All interfaces are in
* init conf, please read Experience.__init__ for more detail, all parameters can be set by input conf
* replay sample store:
    params: [in] experience, sample to store
    returns: bools, True for success, False for failed
* replay sample sample: Experience.sample
    params: [in] global_step, used for cal beta
        experience, list of samples
        w, list of weight
        rank_e_id, list of experience's id, used for update priority value
* update priority value: Experience.update
        [in] indices, rank_e_ids
        [in] delta, new TD-error


you can find the implementation here: proportional


  1. "Prioritized Experience Replay"
  2. Atari by @Kaixhin, Atari uses torch to implement rank-based algorithm.


  1. TEST1 PASSED: These code has been applied to my own NLP DQN experiment, it significantly improves performance. See here for more detail.

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