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Repository of examples using Node For Max authored by Cycling '74

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Node For Max

Node For Max Examples

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Hey Maxers! This repository contains many examples of how to use the Node For Max package in your Max patches created by Cycling '74.

Other Resources

If you created your own example you would like to showcase, please submit it to the community repository. We love community contributions!

Looking for more basic examples to learn the core concepts of Node For Max? The n4m-core-examples repository has a growing list that can help learning the core techniques and principles of using Node For Max.

List of Examples


The main purpose of this repository is to show complete yet limited in scope projects that show potential use-cases of Node For Max. We are grateful to the community for contributing bufixes and improvements.

Note that we are not accepting community-created examples in this repository; however, we are taking suggestions for examples you would like to see Cycling '74 create. If you'd like to showcase your work please visit the community repository

Contributing Guide

You might find an error in an example, or have a request for a example you would like to see. You can report this by submitting an issue to this repository. Note that you will need to have a GitHub account to submit an issue. See the full Contributing Guide for more details on how to participate in this project.

Code of Conduct

We have adopted a Code of Conduct that we expect every participant to adhere to. You can find the full text here.



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