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A Colemak mod for more comfortable typing.

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Colemak Mod-DH Downloads

See the Colemak Mod-DH Project Home Page for information on this project.



The fastest way to try out Colemak-DH on Windows is to use the AutoHotKey scripts. See the downloadautohotkey folder for downloads.

KLC files and Installers

There are files for Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator (KLC), together with the generated installers. See the downloadKLC folder for more information and downloads.


A comprehensive Colemak-DH implementation for Windows (plus many extra features) is available in DreymaR's Big Bag, EPKL edition.


There is a project implementing EurKEY Colemak-DH offering Microsoft KLC files.


XKB files

A comprehensive Colemak-DH implementation for Linux (plus many extra features) is available in DreymaR's Big Bag, XKB edition

Xmodmap and console files

To quickly try out Colemak-DH, there are mapping files for xmodmap available in the downloadxmodmap folder download area. You may need to customize these for your own language/region. Keymap files for the console are also provided in the downloadconsole folder.

Alternatively, keymap files can be generated yourself by running

script in downloadgenerate-linux-keymaps.


There is a project implementing EurKEY Colemak-DH offering Linux XKB mapping files.


Installable bundle

Colemak-DH mappings for macOS have been contributed in the downloadmacOS folder

Cross platform (Windows, Linux, Mac)

KMonad configurations

There are Colemak-DH configurations for the KMonad program. This application allows manipulation of the raw input from the keyboard device, allowing arbitrary and advanced remapping in a cross-platform friendly way. See the downloadKMonad folder for configuration files.


APK for physical keyboard

An Android Application Package (APK), with source files, is available, allowing you to type Colemak-DH on a physical keyboard connected to your Android device. See the downloadandroid section for detailed instructions.

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