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GTK frontend for the xi text editor, written in Rust

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GTK frontend, written in Rust, for the xi editor. Previously called gxi, development now continues under the name "Tau".



Ubuntu >= 19.10, Debian >= Unstable, Fedora >= 31 and OpenSUSE Tumbleweed

See for binary packages of Tau. See for the source files of the packages.

Arch Linux

You can install binary releases of tau by adding this to your

SigLevel = Never
Server =$arch

Afterwards run

pacman -Syu tau-editor
. Alternatively you can install Tau as
from the AUR as per standard procedure.

Void Linux

xbps-install -Syu tau

Alpine Linux

apk add tau


See the instructions on


Clone the repo and its submodules:

git clone --recurse-submodules

You need the following dependencies installed:

* Cairo >= 1.16
* GDK-Pixbuf-2.0
* GLib-2.0 >= 2.36
* GTK+3 >= 3.20
* Pango >= 1.38
* Rust >= 1.36 # required for one of our deps

On Ubuntu (>=19.10) you can install them with:

sudo apt install meson ninja-build libglib2.0-dev librust-cairo-sys-rs-dev librust-pangocairo-sys-dev librust-gtk+v3-24-dev libhandy-0.0-dev appstream-util libvte-2.91-dev gettext

You can enable optional functionality with the

meson switch, like a more compact settings menu. You need the following dependencies installed for that:
* libhandy >= 0.10
* GTK+3 >= 3.24.1

Now installing Tau should be as easy as doing:

meson --prefix=/usr/local -Dprofile=development build
ninja -C build
sudo ninja -C build install

During development you can quickly test Tau with the following command:

ninja -C build run

You can run tests with:

ninja -C build test

But be mindful that those currently require the source-code-pro font to be installed.


Please see the documentation in Tau's source files for further information as to how Tau works. gtk-rs' site offers documentation and examples about how gtk-rs works.


Visit GNOME's Damned Lies Platform to translate Tau.

Installation on Windows

The following should give you a usable Tau binary:

0) Install Rust by visiting After running the exe press

(right after you see the terminal of rustup-init.exe) to customize the settings and enter
as default triplet (notice the
instead of
) 1) Go to and download the appropriate installer (usually x8664) 2) Go into your start menu and open the MSYS terminal 3) Enter `pacman -S mingw-w64-x8664-toolchain mingw-w64-x8664-gtk3 git
in the terminal
4) Open the
terminal from your start menu. Do
echo 'PATH="/c/Users/${USER}/.cargo/bin:${PATH}"' >> .bash
5) Reload the just made changes with
source .bash_profile
. Then clone Tau:
git clone
cd tau && cargo run` <- This should produce a debug build for you and run it.

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