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🏷 Visualize and optionally limit the size of your Pull Requests

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🏷 Pull Request size labeler CodelyTV Courses GitHub Action version

Visualize and optionally limit the size of your Pull Requests

🚀 Usage

Create a file named

inside the
directory and paste the following configuration.

☝️ Here you can see the default values of all available configuration parameters, however, the only required parameter is the

name: labeler

on: [pull_request]

jobs: labeler: runs-on: ubuntu-latest name: Label the PR size steps: - uses: codelytv/[email protected] with: GITHUB_TOKEN: ${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }} xs_label: 'size/xs' xs_max_size: '10' s_label: 'size/s' s_max_size: '100' m_label: 'size/m' m_max_size: '500' l_label: 'size/l' l_max_size: '1000' xl_label: 'size/xl' fail_if_xl: 'false' message_if_xl: > 'This PR exceeds the recommended size of 1000 lines. Please make sure you are NOT addressing multiple issues with one PR. Note this PR might be rejected due to its size.’ github_api_url: ''

🎛️ Available parameters

  • *_label
    …): Adjust size label names
  • *_max_size
    …): Adjust which amount of changes you consider appropriate for each size based on your project context
  • fail_if_xl
    : Set to
    will report GitHub Workflow failure if the PR size is xl allowing to forbid PR merge
  • github_api_url
    : Override this parameter in order to use with your own GitHub Enterprise Server. Example:

🤔 Basic concepts or assumptions

  • PR size labeler consider as a change any kind of line addition, deletion, or modification
  • A PR will be labeled as
    if it exceeds the amount of changes defined as

⚖️ License


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