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iFogSim2 (The New Version)

A Toolkit for Modeling and Simulation of Resource Management Techniques in Internet of Things, Edge and Fog Computing Environments with the following new features: * Mobility-support and Migration Management * Supporting real mobility datasets * Implementing different random mobility models * Microservice Orchestration * Dynamic Distributed Clustering * Any Combinations of Above-mentioned Features * Full Compatibility with the Latest Version of the CloudSim (i.e., CloudSim 5) and Previous iFogSim Version and Tutorials

iFogSim2 currently encompasses several new usecases such as: * Audio Translation Scenario * Healthcare Scenario * Crowd-sensing Scenario

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How to run iFogSim2 ?

  • Eclipse IDE:

    • Create a Java project
    • Inside the project directory, initialize an empty Git repository with the following command:
      git init
    • Add the Git repository of iFogSim2 as the
      git remote add origin
    • Pull the contents of the repository to your machine:
      git pull origin main
    • Include the JARs to your project
    • Run the example files (e.g., to get started
  • IntelliJ IDEA:

    • Clone the iFogSim2 Git repository to desired folder:
      git clone
    • Select "project from existing resources" from the "File" drop-down menu
    • Verify the Java version
    • Verify the external libraries in the "JARs" Folder are added to the project
    • Run the example files (e.g., to get started


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