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How to Text Using Twilio API with Python

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Python Text App Using Twilio API

With a free Twilio account, you only get to text verified numbers.

1. Create a Github account.

2. Star this at the top right!

3. Create an account on Twilio.

4. Verify a Phone Number on Twilio That you would like to text.

5. Get Twilio Credentials

  • [ ]
  • [ ] Get Account SID
  • [ ] Get Auth Token

6. Get Phone Numbers

7. Put your twilio credentials and twilio phone numbers in

8. Clone this repository on your desktop.

9. Open your terminal and
pip install twilio

10. Open
in IDLE and Run it!

Or if you want to be cool on your mac...

On Your Mac hit CMD+SPACE and type Terminal. Then type in the following command:

python Desktop/CP-Twilio-Python-Text-App/


  • [X] You just sent your first text through your Python Text App that uses the Twilio API.

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