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A CLI tool to make git changes across many repos, especially useful with Microservices.

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A CLI tool to make git changes across many repos.

Learn more about microplane in this introductory blogpost.


"the lemon is Git{Hub,Lab}"


Here are several ways to install microplane:

  • Pre-built release - You can download a pre-built version of Microplane from the Github releases.
  • Compile it yourself - Run
    go get
    . In this case the binary will be installed to
    . Alternately, you can follow the steps under "Development", below.
  • Homebrew -
    brew install microplane
    . The latest homebrew formula is here


GitHub setup


environment variable must be set for Github. This should be a GitHub Token with

Optional: If you use self-hosted Github, you can specify its URL by passing

when running
mp init
. This URL should look like:
. Don't include path parameters like

Self-hosted Github setup with different URLs for the main API and uploads API are not yet supported. If this is a blocker for you, please file an issue or make a PR.

GitLab setup


environment variable must be set for Gitlab. This should be a GitLab access token

To use Gitlab, you must specifically pass

when running
mp init

Optional: If you use a self-hosted Gitlab, you can specify its URL by passing

when running
mp init

Using Microplane

Microplane has an opinionated workflow for how you should manage git changes across many repos. To make a change, use the following series of commands.

  1. Init - target the repos you want to change
  2. Clone - clone the repos you just targeted
  3. Plan - run a script against each of the repos and preview the diff
  4. Push - commit, push, and open a Pull Request
  5. Merge - merge the PRs

For an in-depth example, check out the introductory blogpost.

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